2017 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Michael LaScaleia
A Tree for Jumbo: Reforesting the Tufts University President’s Lawn to Historic Levels

Elisabeth Spratt
Swamped: Proposing wetland restoration corridors in Mississippi’s Tallahatchie watershed

Runners Up:

Jennifer Yu
Quintessential One Health: A Bovie Tuberculosis Risk Analysis in South Africa

Song Hojun
Vulnerability Assessment : Syrian Refugees in Turkey in 2017

Claire Loudis
Losing Ground: Soil Erosion In The Upper Iowa Watershed

Cheng Lin
From New York State to Nationwide A Multivariate Geospatial Analysis on the Epidemiology of Indoor Radon Pollution and Its Link with Lung Cancer

Alex Shimmel
Estimating Ridership On The Green Line Extension

Mayuko Hirai
Rice Brings Lights Biomass Electrification Suitability in Cambodia

Catherine Ressijac
Home on the Range: Identifying Suitable Habitat for Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Translocated to Texas

Luca Guadagno
Battle For Pasture: livestock’s potential to competitively exclude wildlife in Northern Tanzania’s National Parks

Spring 2017 Participants:

Spring 2017 – Fletcher DHP P207: GIS for International Applications

Danielle Angel
Barriers to Peace in the West Bank

Ashley Doliber
Coups + Quakes = Coverage? Comparing News Reportage to Vulnerability and Shocks in Africa

Mayuko Hirai
Rice Brings Lights Biomass Electrification Suitability in Cambodia

Drew Keneally
Tunisia: The Arab Spring Success Story?

Vika Planson
Radicalization Risk in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Julio Rivera Alejo
Sea Level Rise in Liberia: A Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Jimena Solano
Powering Mexico: A Wind Farm Suitability Analysis

Alysha Tierney
Far Right Extremist Violence in the United States: Risk Assessment of Far Right Extremist Violence by County

Alex Zadel
Revolution on the Surface: Spatial Patterns of Unrest and the Everyday State in Cairo

Samuel Bollier
Mapping Germany’s Suitability for Asylum Seekers

Ayla Francis
Provincial Socioeconomic Vulnerability in Angola

Po-Chang Huang(Paul)
Who to Protect? Taiwan’s SAM Systems and the Distribution of Protection

Emily Morgenstern
Catastrophic Beach: Assessing the Ramifications of a Mosul Dam Collapse

Qi Qi
Somalia Acute Food Insecurity Overview

Bhavik Shah
Identifying wholesale grocery store locations in Middlesex, MA

Hojun Song
Vulnerability Assessment : Syrian Refugees in Turkey in 2017

Johan van de Ven
One Belt One Road In Xinjiang: A Transport Infrastructure Suitability Analysis, 2005-2015

Michael Cretz
Monsoons in India: Risk and Vulnerability of Farmers

Cassie Henrriquez
Gang Violence in El Salvador: The Impact of the 2012-2014 Gang Truce on Homicide Rates

Paroma Husain
Linking Financialization and Economic Development in Africa

Cody Parker
Mapping New York’s Transit Needs

Fatima Quraishi
Potential of Green Jobs in South West USA 2012

Dristy Shrestha
Financial Inclusion through Digital Financial Services, 2010

Emily Susman
Compounding Vulnerabilities in Syria: Prioritizing Locations for Humanitarian Assistance

Daphne Walramis
Building Snow Forts— Resources and militarization in the Arctic

Spring 2017 – GIS 101/Env 101 – Undergraduate Intro to GIS

Fehintola Rebekah Abioye
Are Cities Growing Too Rapidly? Urbanization Risks in Nigeria

Emma Conroy
Risky Market Business: Comparing Housing Value and Tenure of At-Risk Areas in Louisiana

Danielle Kong
Regional Differences in Labor Export in the Philippines

Delta Marie-Lewis
An Assessment of Bicycle Injuries in New York City

Nalisha Men
Geographic Distribution of Remittance Transmission By Rural-Urban Migrants in China

Shaan Shaikh
The Limits of Chinese Naval Power Part 3: Potential Developments & Strategic Environments

Kristen Weller
A Nation of Open Arms: A Spatial Analysis of Immigration Rates in Sweden

Sam Bragg
Financial Analysis of the Suitable Wind Turbine Locations in Massachusetts

Ander Pierce
After the Superstorm

Kayla Hartman
Addressing Food Insecurity: An Assessment of Grocery Store Access in New York City

Michael LaScaleia
A Tree for Jumbo: Reforesting the Tufts University President’s Lawn to Historic Levels

Thomas Lucic
The Limits of Chinese Naval Power Part 2: Capabilities of China’s Maritime Neighbors

Michelle Mu
Suitability and Vulnerability Spatial Analysis of the Sunda Pangolin Population in Vietnam

Amy Vasquez
Sea Turtle Vulnerability in Puerto Rico

Bailey Werner
The Source of the Pipeline Mapping Disparities in the Scholastic and Carceral Environment of Suffolk County, New York

Somya Banwari
South Africa’s Language Problem

Sonja Knudson
Does Uber Really Save Lives? An Analysis of Drunk Driving Fatalities Before and After the Implementation of Uber in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Matthew Lee
Accessing the Green Line Extension: Changes in Residential Conditions

Jessica Lunte
Lone Star Stratification? An Analysis of Racial Distribution in Wichita County, Texas Population

Noah Rose
The Limits of Chinese Naval Power Part 1: Claims & Conflicts

Elaine Wang
2012 West Nile Virus (WNV) Epidemic in Dallas County, TX: Spatial and Statistical Analysis

Valerie Willocq
Lyme Disease Outbreak in New England: A Spatial Analysis for Future Risk

Spring 2017 -UEP 232 – Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis

Judy Fung
Network and Equity Analysis: Bike-to-the-sea

Ruby Hung
From Accessible To Affordable Housing? Examining how the amenities affecting housing price in Cambridge, MA

Jenny LaFleur
Market Fundamentalism & Educational Equity? Mapping The Accessibility Of Houston’S Private Schools To Historically Underserved Populations

Situ Minyu
Unemployment Analysis: District 7, Boston. Language and Job Training Opportunities for Unemployed and Youths.

Genevieve Pugesek
Monarch Mapping: Understanding Spatial Patterns Characterizing Monarch Butter-Fly Overwintering Sites

Yi Zhong
Mapping Gentrification and Crime Incidents Rate in Boston

Divya Gandhi
Rethinking Development: A Built-out Analysis of the Town of Norfolk, MA

Elisa Jazan
Proximity of Public Schools To Toxic Waste Sites: A Vulnerability Index

Jiao Liu
Lowell Restorative Justice: Building Community Coalitions

Andrew Nassar
A Spatial Analysis Of Financial Predation: Payday Lending In Los Angeles

Katie Saviano
Complicating Gentrification: Building A Model For Gentrification Vulnerability In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rory Ziomek
Child Safety: Vulnerability Analysis of Baltimore, MD

Hannah Freedman
Investment and Disinvestment in Baltimore City: Residential renovation permits as an indicator of gentrification

Amanda Kohn
Analysis of Community Land Trusts as an Affordable Housing Strategy in Greater Boston

Darya Mattes
Impacts of the Community Preservation Act on Affordable Housing Distribution in Massachusetts

Aaron Pomerance
Redefining Access To Care: A Density Analysis Of Healthcare Availability In Florida

Wencong Xu
Small Business Matters: A Case Study of Somerville

Spring 2017 – UEP 294/ GIS 102 – Advanced GIS

Annie Carter
Reducing Road Deicing Salt For Vernal Pool Protection: Fuzzy and Non-Fuzzy Methods in Middlesex County, MA

Brennan Corriston
Risk Of Gentrification-Driven Displacement In Boston

Jack Vallerie
Suffolk County Community Garden Suitability Analysis

Qingqian Liu
A spatial analysis of Fine Particulate Matter and Aerosol Optical Thickness in China

Cayla Saret
Access to Open Space in Belmont, Cambridge and Somerville

Zachary Smith
Modeling Radon Exposure Risk In Massachusetts

Monique Ching
Divided we stand: Segregation Patterns Over Time in Alameda County, CA

Sydney Giacolone
An Analysis of the Assumed Spatial and Temporal Relationships Underlying the Food Desert Discourse

Nandish Kenia
Assessing Suitability of Weather Index Insurance in India

Griffin Richards
Coastal Squeeze: Sea Level Rise and Massachusetts Saltmarshes

Alex Shimmel
Estimating Ridership On The Green Line Extension

Katherine Stiegemeyer
Towards a More Equitable Public Transportation System: An Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Boston’s Bus Routes

Lydia Collins
Greenway Paradox: Effects Of The Somerville Community Path Extension On Adjacent Neighborhoods

Luca Guadagno
Battle For Pasture: livestock’s potential to competitively exclude wildlife in Northern Tanzania’s National Parks

Danielle Mulligan
Crime & Boston Public Schools: A Case Study On Charlestown High School

Brianna Rupkalvis
Changing Landscapes: Applying Remote Sensing and GIS to determine Phoenix, AZ Urbanization from 1990 to 2010 and its affects on Potential Groundwater Regions

Bhavna Sivasubramanian
Mapping the Distribution and Effectiveness of the Total Sanitation Campaign Tamil Nadu, India | 2001-2011

Spring 2017 – CEE 194 – Remote Sensing

Matt Barickman
The Explosive Truth: Using Remote Sensing To Analyze The Environmental Effects Of The 2011 Eruption Of The Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcanic Complex

Carolyn Talmadge
To Catch A Criminal: Cannabis Edition. Remote Sensing Techniques For Identifying Illegal “Trespass Grow” Operations in California’s Conservation Lands | 2014

Anne Christian
Remote Sensing Measurements of Change in Coral Reefs in Kume, Japan after the 2011 Tsunami

Jennifer Yu
Successes And Failures Of China’S Grain-For-Green Program: A Remote Sensing Analysis Of Reforestation In The Ansai, Shaanxi Region

Alex Piacentini
Beach Bums: Sea Turtle Strandings and Climate Change. A Remote Sensing Analysis of Long Island Sound Water Temperature

Spring 2017 – Nutr 231 – Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications

Victoria Chase
Checking on Chickpeas: Future Production in Whitman County, Washington

Julie Kurtz
Minimizing Damage from Farmed Floodplains in Iowa

Alexandra Raczka
Growing Dorchester’S Community Gardens: A Suitability Analysis Of DND-Owned Properties In Dorchester, MA

Michael Evans
Health is a Human Right: Assessment of Access to Health Center Locations in Cambridge

Claire Loudis
Losing Ground: Soil Erosion In The Upper Iowa Watershed

Deirdre Schiff
Bye Bye Bayou: Analyzing Anthropogenic-Driven Wetland Loss In Louisiana Through Cropscape

Mehreen Ismail
Fairly Offering Fair Foods: Identifying Areas of Highest Need for Affordable Fruits & Vegetables for Boston Public Housing Residents

Ruijia Niu
No Car ≠ No Food : Filling the Gaps of Healthy Food Accessibility without A Car in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spring 2017 – EOS104 – Geological Applications of GIS

Matt Barickman
Assessing Hazards of the Next Potential Mount Shasta Eruption

Dominik Doemer
Evaluating the Boston Harbor Islands and World’s End for Wind Energy Potential

Zachary Kaplan
Drum’lin up some Statistics: Geostatistics of Drumlins in Newfoundland and labrador

Jessica Dabrowski
Loss of Coastal Marshes Due To Projected Sea Level Rise in Connecticut

Jessica Graham
Afghanistan: From Opium to Ore – Economic Stability through Mineral Resource Development

Patrick Milne
Prioritizing Forest Protection Efforts in Oregon

Declan Devine
The Impact of Land Use on Water Quality in the Potomac River Watershed

Mariah Harvey-Brown
Rerouting the North Dakota Access Pipeline

Fatima Niazy
Earthquake Hazard Assessment: The Wasatch Fault, Salt Lake City, UT

Spring 2017 – PH 0262 – GIS For Public Health

Juhi Chaudhari
Can’t hear yourself think! Tracking change over time in ground-level aircraft noise in Belmont and Chelsea, Massachusetts

Joanna Emerson
Location and Setting of Zoonotic Gastrointestinal Parasites in the Peruvian Primate Trade

Alexandra Kiesling
Mapping Naloxone Accessibility in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, 2014-2017

Cheng Lin
From New York State to Nationwide A Multivariate Geospatial Analysis on the Epidemiology of Indoor Radon Pollution and Its Link with Lung Cancer

Zachary Crosser
Insurance Coverage and Health Outcomes among Ohioans, 2013-2015

Annalise Grammerstorf
Monkey Business: Is the Wildlife Trade Contributing to Antimicrobial Resistance in Neotropical Primates in Peru

Jordan Klein
Antibiotics in the Global Livestock Industry: Trends, Projections, and Policy Recommendations

Leah Shaw
Mapping the Incidence of Chikungunya in Honduras Utilizing demographic and ecologic characteristics to guide future public health interventions , 2015

Daniel Cummings
Rate of New Cases of HIV in Boston from 2010-2014 and Access to PrEP Providers

Marbury Jacobs
Rhody Food on the Move Are Food on the Move mobile markets effectively located for improving access to fruits and vegetables to low-income Rhode Island residents?

Jean Lim
Spatial Distribution of HPV Vaccination Counts & Rates Among Adolescents 13-17 Years Old in Massachusetts (2015)

Fall 2016 Participants:

Fall 2016 – MCM 591 – GIS for Conservation Medicine

Roxane Aflalo
Sentinels of the Sea: What Stranding Sea Lion Pups Signify about the Health of Our Oceans

Jeanne Coffin-Schmitt
Is There Pee in the Water? Leptospirosis Risk and Vulnerability Analysis, Peru

Adam Krantz
Yaws: Eradication by 2020 – A Possible Failure? Non Human Primates Role in the Global Eradication of a Neglected Tropical Disease

Nancy McNamara
A Devil of a Job: Determining Suitable Reintroduction Sites for Tasmanian Devils in Mainland Australia

Alex Piacentini
The Smell of Napalm in the Mourning: Agent Orange in South Vietnam

Lucas Stegman
Weapons of Mass Destructans: Can Environmental Factors predict White Nose Syndrome Infection in New England Bats?

Erica Bacellar
Living on the Edge: The Price of Development- Environmental Effects of a Road Construction on the Edges of the Biggest Urban Forest of the World

Evan Griffith
Keweenaw Lakeshore Forest: A Conservation Easement in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Grace Kwon
Finding a Diamond in the Ruff: A Suitability Analysis for New Animal Shelters in Suffold County

Benjamin Miranda
Don’t Gyp the Gyps: Risk Assessment on Diclofenac Poisoning of Griffon Vultures in Spain

Catherine Ressijac
Home on the Range: Identifying Suitable Habitat for Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) Translocated to Texas

Jennifer Yu
Quintessential One Health: A Bovine Tuberculosis Risk Analysis in South Africa

Anne Christian
The Plight of the Condor: Burying Power Lines to Protect California Condors

Tatyana Kalani
Fowl Play: Lead Exposure Risk From Urban Chicken Coops in Somerville, MA

Caitlin McAllister
Rift Valley Fever Vulnerability Analysis, Kenya

Estefania Parra
Analyzing Priority Areas for Conservation Hawksbill Turtle in the Atlantic Coast of Colombia

Danielle Sosnicki
Human Leprosy Risk Assessment

Fall 2016 – CEE 187: Engineering Geographic Information Systems

Amylee Anyoha
Determining a Region’s Susceptibility to Diarrheal Diseases

Jessica Cooper
Optimizing Placement of Community Water Treatment Center in Yepala , Ghana

Craig Drennan
Offshore Wind Power Suitability along Florida’s Atlantic Coastline

Alexander Gasca
The Effects of Fracking on the Bakken Shale Play

Matthew Masi-Phelps
Rerouting the Hub: MBTA Solutions to Boston’s Public Transportation Needs

Nathan Pacheco
A Comparative Analysis of Cholera in Haiti following the 12 January 2010 Earthquake and Hurricane Matthew

Corey Snider
Shock and Awe: Preparing for the Impending Waves From the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Margaret Zahrah
What’s the Buzz About? A closer look into Colony Collapse Disorder and beekeeping suitability in Europe

Jack Bitney
Saturation Levels Over the Ogallala Aquifer in 2050: A Simple Model

Sean Delawder
Climate Change and Zika: Projected Environmental Suitability For the Zika Virus in 2050

Caitlin Duffy
Relationship Between Kindergarten Vaccination Rate and Mean Household Income in California

Emma Inhorn
Increasing Water Access In Rural Malawi: Water Needs Assessment And Analysis For Chilaweni, Outside Of Blantyre

Jackson McCoy
Tidal Energy Suitability Offshore of Massachusetts

Nikhil Patil
The influence of household spatial relationship on household water treatment use: A geographic analysis of Gift of Water’s filter program evaluation in Haiti

Lucy Turner
Government Regulation of Boreholes: A Tool to Limiting Environmental Degradation in Eastern Senegal

Lauren Brill
Soil Suitability at the Arnold Arboretum

Daisy Draper
Obesity: Are Footpaths Reducing The Epidemeic?

Luca Eisen
Shadow Transit: Dollar Vans in New York City

Caitlin Johnson
Identification of Offshore Sediment Types Using Archived Data

Joseph Nault
Preparation and Analysis to Protect Against Future Hurricanes in Florida

Grace Polakoski
The Feasibility of Converting a Corn Monoculture into a Three Sisters Polyculture in the Midwestern United States

Belinda Xian
Proximity to Hospitals in Boston: Who Lives the Closest?

Fall 2016 – GIS 101/ENV 107/ Intr 81: Undergraduate Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Jack Ashton
Losing the Loggerheads. The Collapsing of Caretta caretta: Looking into the Human Activity that is Harming the Sea Turtle Caretta caretta’s Ability to Thrive

Annie Carter
Critters & Chemicals A Risk Analysis Of PBT Chemicals And Threatened Species In The Great Lakes Region

Jackie Faselt
Syrian Asylum Applications in the EU | Determining Factors

Dylan Guydish
TRI Sites and Air Pollution in California

Max Leonhardt
Power of Parks: Outdoor Spaces and Academic Performance of Boston Public Schools

Alejandra Munoz
Determining if Interspersion Is A Habitat Requirement for Gallinula galeata sandvicensis

Katherine Stiegemeyer
Predatory Student Loans and For-Profit Colleges: A Case Study of Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida

Neha Bhatia
Mapping Vulnerability and Water Contamination in Flint, Michigan

Madeline Doctor
Mapping Desirable Locations for Public Art An analysis of public art, income distribution, and accessibility in Cambridge, Massachusetts Desirable

Jared Glaser
Gentrification in Philadelphia County: Changes in Land Value and Educational Attainment from 1980-2010

Sarah Hamad
Is Residential Racial Segregation a Driver of HIV/AIDS Disparities in Baltimore City, MD?

Brian McGough
SAVED IN 5 MILES OR LESS: Assessing Access to Trauma Care for Shooting Victims on Chicago’s South Side

Alex Shimmel
Where it’s not OK to be: Earthquake Vulnerability Analysis in Oklahoma

Douglas Burt
Another Brick in the Blue Wall: A Closer Look at Michigan in the 2016 Presidential Election

Sophie Dulberg
An Examination of the Spatial Distribution of McDonald’s in Los Angeles

Sophia Goswami
Commute Times and Obesity Rates in Massachusetts

Michaela Hurley
Mental Health Access in Suffolk County

Danielle Mulligan
Assessing Equity in Boston High School Choice Model A Case Study of Charlestown High School and the Charlestown neighborhood

Bhavna Siva
Assessing the Equity of Public Transportation in Boston, Massachusetts Through Evaluating Accessibility for “Suitable” Locations

Natasha Khwajae
Mapping and Managing Recent Political Violence in Bangladesh

Fall 2016 – GIS 102/ UEP 294/ Env 197: Advanced Geographical Information Systems

Margaret Brown
Predatory Student Lending in Southeastern United States A Campus Specific Study

Kelly Slide
Complicating Vulnerability: Building a Multivariate Model for Sea Level Rise Succeptability in Urban Southeast Florida

Caitlin Matthews
Food Security, Rural Livelihoods, & Climate Resilience: Vulnerability analysis of agricultural production systems in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia

Alexandra Purdy
A Look Inside Airbnb How the Country’s Largest Home Sharing Network is Threatening Housing Affordability in Boston

Rebekah Waller
Targeting Sites for Algae Biofuel Production Facilities in Arizona

Hannah Cross
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing in Greater Boston An Analysis of Factors that Predict the Locations of Subsidized Housing

Nandish Kenia
Water, water everywhere, not a safe drop to drink?

Tyler McCullough
What’s Shakin’? Geospatial Influence of Fracking on Earthquakes

Lauren Shuffleton
Liquor License Distribution Liquor Licenses Are Expensive In Boston. Are Bars Disproportionately Clustered In Wealthy, White, Gentrified Neighborhoods As A Result?

Samantha Cox
Fixing the Leaks: A Regression Analysis of leaked natural gas, proposed repairs, and population demographics in Greenfield and Cambridge, Ma

Mbacke Faye
How long does it take you to get work?

Yuan Li
Are Family Centers Located to Maximize Participation in the Population of Interest?

Hana Migliorato
Access To Opportunity The Spatial Distribution Of Chapter 40B Developments

Elisabeth Spratt
Swamped: Proposing wetland restoration corridors in Mississippi’s Tallahatchie watershed

John VanderHeide
Spatial Modeling of Agricultural Adaption

Fall 2016 -UEP 232 – Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis

Benjamin Averill
Predatory Student Lending: Demographic Analysis of For-Profit and Community Colleges in Jackson, Mississippi

Nick Dahlberg
Throwin’ Shade: Furthering the Analysis of Residential Solar Access in Massachusetts

Anil Gurcan
Air pollution in Boston’s Chinatown and Income Disparity

Nandish Kenia
A Degree, A Debt Sentence?

Kyle Lui
Environmental Gentrification | Superfund Sites in Queens

Emily Moore
North Carolina’s Hog Farms and Floodplains— Poop, Proximity, Priority

Cayla Saret
A Healthy Balance: Equitable and Practical Locations for Bike Share Stations in the Boston Area

Sharon Cho
Building a Better Bike Network: An Equity Analysis of Boston

McKayla Dunfey
Vision Zero: Mapping a path toward improving traffic safety in Costa Rica

Juliet Hewes
Conflict Clusters: The Effect of Climate Vulnerability on Conflict Incidence in Africa

Anthony Lechuga
Who are We Building For? Analysis of demographic shifts and infill in Denver, Colorado

Melody Mancinelli
Re-Thinking Environmental Justice: Expanding Zones of Vulnerability

Thomas Nash
‘A Legacy of Treason and Blood’ Mapping the segregation of black children in Virginia’s Confederate-named schools

Brooke Schwartz
Assessing Safe Haven Locations: A Case Study of New York City

Brennan Corriston
Walkability of Boston Public High Schools

Betty Fong
Analyzing Gentrification Risk in Revere, MA

Nicole Joseph
Do Pipeline Incidents- Fatalities, Injuries, and Property Damage- Affect People of Color and Low-Income Communities the Most

Qingqian Liu
Laurel wilt and Avocado Farms in Florida Assessing Dispersal ways of Laurel wilt and vulnerability of Avocado farms

Allison Meyer
Second Helping: Senior Food Access in Five Boston-Area Municipalities

Bayoan Rossello-Cornier
Food Deserts In The Dudley Village Campus

Christina Schlegel
Unequal Exposure in Massachusetts: An Analysis of Environmental Hazards of Towns and Block Groups

Fall 2016 – Nutr 231: Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications

Priyanka Basnet
Food Justice: Mapping Food Access in Greater Boston

Alexander Caskey
Grazing in the Grass: Assessing the Potential for Targeted Grazing as a Wildfire Fuel Management Technique in the Hudson Valley, NY

Christina Skonberg
Eroding Food Security: A Soil Loss Risk Analysis of the Northern Salinas Valley

Victoria Wong
School’s Out: Feeding DC’s youth over summer break

Allison Brown
Determining Appropriate Locations for Potential Nursing Homes in Maine

Jamie Fanous
The Future of Urban Food Production: Measuring the Suitable Land Area in Cambridge for Farmbot

Yvonne Socolar
The Buzz About White Nose Syndrome: Risks to Native Bee Populations Following a PNW WNS Outbreak

Kiryoon Byunn
night market @ Boston a model exploring locations to host a night market using a suitability score

Jennifer Huang
Think Twice Before Eating Out Exploring food safety violations of Boston restaurants in areas of different poverty level

Kristin Sukys
Branching Out Austin: Increasing the Urban Tree Canopy of Low Income Communities in Austin, TX

Summer 2016 Participants:

Summer 2016 – CEE 187: Engineering Geographic Information Systems

Catherine Armistead
Biodiversity and Population Growth Analysis in Buncombe County, North Carolina

Kristina Mensik
Assessing the Impact of Chicago’s Empowerment Zone Program on Violent Crime

Priya Ban
Spatial Analysis of the Current Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

Sebastian Torrente
Carbon Culprits: Identifying Urban Design Elements that Influence to Carbon Emissions

Andres Bueno
An Analysis of Public Funding for Homelessness Prevention

Olivia Uhlman
Improving Boston Transit: Expanding Bus Service in Allston-Brighton