The Hirsh Library salutes George Q. Daley, MD, PhD, who will speak at the 8th Annual  Jeffrey Isner Lecture on Wed., Nov. 6. at 4pm in the Sackler Auditorium.  For a description of his work on stem cells in development and disease, see his HHMI page, which links to a list of his works on PubMed.  To read the full text of an article that is not in the public domain, glean its PMID (at the bottom of the record), plug it into PubMed@Tufts,  click on its title, and link out to the PDF with the blue Tufts Electronic Holdings icon.

A paragon of the biological literature, Dr. Daley is on the editorial board of the journals Science, Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Stem Cells, and Blood.  He is also one of the most cited authors in the biomedical literature.  An author search of Web of Science sorted to show his most cited papers shows:

  1. His 1990 Science paper with David Baltimore re: the induction of CML with the P210BCR/ABL gene has been cited 1527 times.
  2. His 2007 Nature paper, “Reprogramming of human somatic cells to pluripotency with defined factors” has been cited 1270 times.

By clicking Create a Citation Report, one can see that he has been cited by others 21,432 times, has an average of 62.5 cites per article published, and an H-index of 71.  For an explanation of the H-Index, please see our guide, Bibliometrics for Authors.


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