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Happy New Year from all of us at the Hirsh Health Sciences Library! Whether you’re excited to make 2022 the best year of your life or dreading 2020: Part 3, the library is always here to help. We have new books on display in the Leisure Reading section on the 4th floor that we hope you’ll find helpful for sticking to your resolution – or maybe they’ll inspire you to take on a new one.

Is there something we don’t have in our collection that you think we should? Let us know by recommending a purchase.

seven-eleven store front

Image source: Creative Commons – Calvin Teo, May 2006

Everyone knows that if you wait to long to do your holiday shopping, you will be gifts at the corner “7-11.” Trust us, “Slim Jims” and a gallon of blue anti-freeze are NOT on most folks’ holiday “wish lists”!  If you wait too long to start your research, you could be stuck using the resource equivalent of the corner “7-11”   – and yes, we’re looking at you Wikipedia and Google Books!

The good news is that you still have time to discover high-quality resources and to get help from the right people!  That is way we want to share with you  the following list of resources and services.  It’s not too late to get your research going in the right direction! Check out these resources and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help!


Research Guides by Subject
Need to subject specific resources, such as article databases, books and key web sites? Visit the Hirsh Library’s Research Guides by Subject to find the just right resource that has been carefully curated by the Hirsh’s research & instruction librarians.

Librarian Assistance
“Our Research & Instruction librarians provide a wide range of informational and instructional services to the Tufts community. We offer instruction on biomedical resources individually, in small groups, and through course-related instruction.”

Health Writing Consultants
“Free writing assistance is available to all current health sciences students at Tufts’ downtown campus. Health Sciences Writing Consultants support projects such as research papers, clinical articles, personal statements, theses, doctoral dissertations, conference papers, proposals, posters, and abstracts. ”

Data Lab Assistants
“Data Lab Assistants provide walk-up help at the Tufts Technology Services Support Desk on the 5th floor of the Medical Education Building.  Lab Assistants can answer questions about using GIS, statistical and data visualization software. “



College of head, teeth, and skull anatomical models

Working on learning anatomy above the shoulders? We’re here to help! We have a variety of physical and virtual resources to help you explore the head and neck.

Physical Models

Several anatomy models are on reserve and available for check out from the Library Service Desk, including real, plastic, and labeled skulls. (See our skull menu posted at the Service Desk!)Anatomical model with cross section of headVirtual Resources

A note about remote access: if you’re off campus, remember to access resources from the HHSL website. That way, you’ll be prompted to sign in whenever accessing a licensed resource available to you through the library.



Anatomy.TV by Primal Pictures is a database of images comprised of 3D, interactive anatomy and physiology models. The screen capture below is from Primal Pictures’ 3D Atlas.

Screenshot of oral cavity in Anatomy TV interface

Floor of oral cavity – from above © Informa UK Limited 2020. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 28 Aug 2020.


Net Anatomy contains a catalog of dissection images with labels and descriptions. The Test feature hides labels—a handy tool for doing self-assessments as you study.

Screenshot of the base of the skull in NetAnatomy interface

Base of the Skull – External Surface © Scholar Educational Systems, Inc 2001-2020. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 29 Aug 2020.

Investigate a more extensive list of Hirsh’s anatomy resources from our Anatomy Research Guide.


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