A photo of Career Options for Biomedical Students featuring the green tape of the Business & Career section

Business & Career books can be identified by the green tape at the top of their spines.

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library has specific resources to guide students to success in their careers post-graduation. From writing their resumes to starting their own private practice, the Business & Careers section at Hirsh has students covered.

The Business & Careers section is located on the bookshelf to the right of the 4th floor circulation desk, right next to the Writing & Citation section.

Looking to research next steps?

Because our students study a wide range of topics, the resources in the Business & Career section cover a wide range of subjects in specific career and business fields. Popular titles include:

Need a helping hand?

Our Research & Instruction librarians would be happy to assist students in navigating the resources in the Business & Careers section. Schedule a consultation with a librarian today.


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