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Halloween is upon us and we are delighted to announce that Fun Labs are back after an extended hiatus!  And what better activity to welcome them back with than pumpkin painting–one of our most beloved crafts! Stop by the Library Service Desk starting at 12pm on Thursday 10/28 and Friday 10/29 and decorate the gourd of your dreams. You can craft at the desk or take supplies to another locations to do your decorating–just make sure to bring them back!

Hope to see you there!



a black square in front of the moon

Strange news coming out of Hirsh Library lately. Today we bring you a report of a wild creature sighted wandering the stacks. It has been over a year since we received reports of this kind, but our Library Service Desk correspondents have noticed an increase in activity since the Desk opened in July. The steady stream of people returning to our quiet haven has drawn the attention of this fearsome beast. The being–half cube, half animal–has been wreaking havoc on patrons’ borrowing privileges. Please take great care to read the following information, for it may save your academic year!

a black square in front of the moon with ears

The first time you return a reserve item late, the gentle cube will begin to transform. The awakening of its great strength will prevent you from checking out another reserve item for 24 hours.

a black square in front of the moon with ears, claws, and lightning

The second time you return a reserve item late, the creature will become stronger yet, and prevent you from checking out another reserve item for one week.

a black square in front of the moon with ears, claws, and lightning and feet

If you have the folly to return an item late a third time, the creature will gain the power to block you from borrowing for an entire month! Its howls will also alert your dean to your delinquency.

a black square in front of the moon with ears, claws, and lightning and fangs

If you return an item late a fourth time, well, then that’s when things begin to get really hairy. You will be blocked from borrowing for the remainder of the semester and your dean will yet again hear its fearsome snarls.

We urge you to take these matters seriously, and remember to return or renew your reserve item before your four hours are up! Worried you won’t make it in time? There is a silver bullet to slow the dreaded beast–just give us a call to let us know you’re running late.

And please remember—once the transformation process has begun, it will take a whole year to wear off. If the Wereblock enters its first stage in July, and you return something late in March, it will continue to gain its next level of power. Only once we are a week past the time of the summer solstice and the clock ticks over from 11:59pm on June 30th to 12:00am on July 1st, will you be safe.

For the facts behind the fantasy, please visit our Reserve Policy page.


Hi there everybody!

Starting on Sunday, October 17th, we will be bringing back the School Affiliation Week. In past years we’ve scattered our days among an entire month, but given the way life is lately we decided it would be best to have it one-and-done, like a disposable face mask at the end of a long day. Here’s how it’s going to work.

From Sunday, October 17th through Saturday, October 23rd, members of the Hirsh Library staff will be walking around 3-4 times a day with a clipboard in hand. We’re going to ask everyone in the library what school/program they’re with (Med, Dental, GSBS, etc). And that’s it. We’ll make a check mark and move on. Afterward – probably sometime in late November (so I have time to analyze and collate), I’ll be posting the data we gather right here on this blog! If you want to see what that looks like, here’s my post from June 2020.

And this is what the survey looks like for us:

If you don’t want people to get too close, or you just don’t want your studying interrupted, you can always leave your ID out, or just write your program down on a piece of paper and leave it next to you. If you’re in a study room, feel free to write down the number of people and their program(s), and tape that to the outside of the study room door (not the window). If you need paper or tape we have them at the desk! Just come ask.

Just please remember to take down any signs you put up, and to remove any IDs or papers you put on the desks by you.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, don’t hesitate to ask us! You can call us at 617-636-6706, e-mail us at, visit our live chat on the Ask Us page, or even just swing by the desk on the 4th floor and chat to us in person.

Thank you for your assistance with this, and we look forward to a nice smooth Affiliation Week!

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Hello everyone! This Monday, October 11th, the Hirsh Library will have shorter hours in observance of Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Library Service Desk will be open from 12pm – 7pm, and we will not be on Live Chat. Although you are always welcome to e-mail us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

HHSL will return to our normal hours on Tuesday, October 12th.

We hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy the Boston Marathon if you decide to check it out!

We have big news! We will be resuming Collaboration Room reservations at 8am on Tuesday, October 12th! In preparation, we wanted to (re)introduce you to these popular spaces.

What are the collaboration rooms? 

Collaboration rooms are small rooms that groups of two or more Health Sciences students can reserve for active work on course-related assignments, such as projects or presentations. Each collaboration room has a whiteboard and a video screen to help you with your collaborative work.

Where are the collaboration rooms? 

You’ll find them all on the 5th floor of the library, mostly near the public computer area.

How do I reserve a room? 

Visit our Collaboration Rooms page to see the schedule and book a room.

How long can you reserve a room for?

Each group may make one booking per day for maximum of four hours and may make up to three bookings per week.

When can I make a reservation?

You must make a reservation by 11:59pm the night before the reservation and you may book up to two weeks in advance.

How will I know if a room is reserved? 

We will have a schedule posted outside the room. Users without reservations must vacate the room when requested by users with valid reservations.

Can I show up to use the room any time with my reserved block?

No, you must claim your room within 15 minutes of your reservation start time. If you don’t, the room will revert to a first come, first-served usage policy.

Do I have to make a reservation to use a room? 

No, if there is a reservation you can use the room on a first-come, first-served basis.

Does everyone in my group need to wear a mask? 

Yes! Per university policy, everyone must wear a mask in the building unless you are alone.


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Upgrading your research skills doesn’t have to be frightening! October Workshops@Hirsh will show give you some awesome tricks, and lots of treats, to enhance your  research skills.

Workshops will be held on Tuesdays from 12noon-1pm via Zoom. Registration for workshops is required.  A Zoom link and password will be sent to registrants one hour prior to the start time of the Workshop. Please note that workshops are open to only Tufts-affiliated individuals.

Title:       PubMed: An Introduction

Date:      Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Time:      12:00pm – 1:00pm


This workshop will introduce you to PubMed, the world’s premiere biomedical literature database.  We will review the content of this database, planning and executing a search strategy, narrowing search results, finding full-text, and exporting results to a citation management program.


Title:       Beyond PubMed

Date:      Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Time:      12:00pm – 1:00pm


Have you tried out your search on PubMed and are wondering if there’s something more? Did you get the advice you need to try another database in addition to PubMed and aren’t sure where to go next? Are you curious about what the most cited article is for your question? Do you want to know who has cited the articles you’ve selected so far?

While PubMed covers the biomedical sciences thoroughly, there are many other databases that cover all of the Sciences and Social Sciences broadly. This workshop will introduce you to resources beyond PubMed that will enrich your research.


Title:       EndNote: the Basics

Date:      Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Time:      12:00pm – 1:00pm


This one-hour session will introduce you to the basics of using the citation management program EndNote.   EndNote allows you to create a library of references, attach and read PDFs, and generate in-text citations and bibliographies in Word documents.  This session is for beginners – no previous experience required!


Title:       Open Access Week: Where to Publish Open Access

Date:      Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Time:      12:00pm – 1:00pm


October 25-31 will be Open Access Week. In celebration, participate in our workshop to learn more about finding open access journals to publish your work in. We’ll talk about some general tips for finding suitable journals, as well as specifically how to find appropriate open access publishing opportunities.



College of head, teeth, and skull anatomical models

Working on learning anatomy above the shoulders? We’re here to help! We have a variety of physical and virtual resources to help you explore the head and neck.

Physical Models

Several anatomy models are on reserve and available for check out from the Library Service Desk, including real, plastic, and labeled skulls. (See our skull menu posted at the Service Desk!)Anatomical model with cross section of headVirtual Resources

A note about remote access: if you’re off campus, remember to access resources from the HHSL website. That way, you’ll be prompted to sign in whenever accessing a licensed resource available to you through the library.



Anatomy.TV by Primal Pictures is a database of images comprised of 3D, interactive anatomy and physiology models. The screen capture below is from Primal Pictures’ 3D Atlas.

Screenshot of oral cavity in Anatomy TV interface

Floor of oral cavity – from above © Informa UK Limited 2020. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 28 Aug 2020.


Net Anatomy contains a catalog of dissection images with labels and descriptions. The Test feature hides labels—a handy tool for doing self-assessments as you study.

Screenshot of the base of the skull in NetAnatomy interface

Base of the Skull – External Surface © Scholar Educational Systems, Inc 2001-2020. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 29 Aug 2020.

Investigate a more extensive list of Hirsh’s anatomy resources from our Anatomy Research Guide.



data carpentry announcement

Are you a PhD student or post doc researcher working with data? Working with data can be overwhelming. This Data Carpentry Workshop can help you get started!

The Carpentries organization strives “to teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers.” The Hirsh Health Sciences Library will be hosting a Data Carpentry Workshop on Tuesday (10/19), Wednesday (10/20) and Thursday (10/21) from 10am – 1pm online. If you want to learn more about organizing spreadsheets, cleaning data with OpenRefine, and gaining and introduction into R, please register at this link!

All learners are welcome, including those with little to no prior experience with these tools. For the first two weeks, we will prioritize PhD students and post docs within the Tufts community. Then, we will open registration up for other participants so be on the lookout for more information!

If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to reach out to Andrea Kang. We hope to see you there!


Now that you’re back, you might have questions or need a hand with a research project or using the library. How do you get help if you need it? Look no further! In this brief post we’re going to tell the many ways that you can get help when you need it!

Need help right now, in-person?

If you have a question and want to receive in-person help, just stop by the 4th floor help desk and ask to speak to the on-call librarian. During staffed hours at the library, there is always an on-call librarian to give you a hand.  Trust us on this – if you ask for the on-call librarian at the 4th floor desk- you are NOT bothering anybody! That’s what the on-call librarian is there for!

Need help right now, not in-person?

If you have a ( not too complicated) question and are not in the library, you can use the “Chat with Us” feature on our “Ask Us” ( page. The “Chat with Us” feature allows you to connect with library in real-time during staffed hours at the library. Besides  the “Chat with Us” feature, you can also email us at anytime at: and we will return you email as soon as we can.

What to schedule a time to speak with the librarian assigned to your school/program/department?

If you want to schedule a time to meet with the librarian assigned to your particular school/program/department, you can use our “Find a Librarian” ( to locate the librarian liaison that is just right for you. Your librarian liaison can help you with: systematic reviews, purchase recommendations, creating links to library resources from Canvas or websites, assistance with specialized tools and services. Your librarian liaison will have a “Schedule an appointment” icon on their profile and you can select a time and day that works for you.

What to schedule a workshop for a group to learn more about a resource or skill?

Is there someone that you and a group of your colleagues would like to learn? Just fill out the Workshops on Demand form ( and we will be in touch to set up your custom workshop. Workshops on Demand can be scheduled M-F between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm, depending on the availability of librarians, and we can conduct them via Zoom as well for those off-campus.  Of course, if you would like a one-on-one instruction session with a librarian, we can set that up too. Just contact us at


September brings a ramp up in reading assignments, papers, exams…and our writing consultant is here to help! All appointments this semester will be virtual and the schedule for the fall is as follows:

Tuesdays: 10am-12pm

Thursdays: 10am-3pm

Sundays: 12pm-5pm

Registration for September is open, so sign up now!

The service is available to all Health Sciences graduate students on the Boston Campus. Sessions are 45 minutes long and you may sign up for one session per day, and up to two sessions per week. For more information about the help our Writing Consultant provides and what to expect at your appointment, please visit the FAQ section of our Writing Consultants Guide.

Happy writing!

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