Congratulations to our Physician Assistant Program! Today, November 16th, is the 10th anniversary of our PA program.  We can hardly believe it, and we are very proud.

Class of PAs wearing their white coats

Some highlights about this program:

It is 25 months long, starts in January and has 50 students per class.  This year they got their own space at 136 Harrison Ave. The curriculum is one year of didactic and one year of clinical rotations. As with other programs, some students take on the dual MPH degree.  This is a very hard program to get into, and all must have had some clinical experience before arriving. Many are EMTs. As with other programs there is a mix of students; male (18 %)/female (82 %); under represented groups (26 %); first generation to go to college (18%) and even an active duty military member.

You also might be surprised to know that there is a 99% pass rate on their licensing exam!

So, HURRAH for our PAs!

Post contributed by Amy Lapidow


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