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This year has been difficult, but here at Hirsh we want to make it as easy to use our services as possible. To that end, we have moved all of the board review/prep books that were on Reserve.

Skeleton with book

Leo is always hard at work.

All of our board review and board prep books are now in the main Hirsh Book Stacks, located up on the 5th floor of the Med Ed building! This also means they can all be checked out using the MeeScan app, and then taken out of the building and hung onto for the normal checkout periods.

So if you want to get the jump on prepping for your exams (and who doesn’t?), you can head over to JumboSearch, look up the book you need, and get started!

Good luck with your studying, and don’t forget to reach out and let us know if you run into any troubles. After all, we may not be at the desk, but we are still here to help.


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