Career Info

A degree in Human Factors Engineering or in Engineering Psychology can lead to a variety of career paths, and it’s not necessary that you know exactly what you want to do before you graduate. Below are a couple of possible careers and industries that you can explore with an HF degree.

A fuller description of possible career paths – along with recommended skills, courses, and even some alumni testimonials – can be found in this file:   Tufts_HFE Professional Roles _2019b Smaller


User Interface (UI) Designer

A position responsible for everything about how a website or application interface appears – this includes visuals like: buttons, menus, switches, and colors.

User Experience (UX) Designer

A position responsible for all the systems and interactions in a product or application including workflows, information architecture, and user testing.

User Experience (UX) Researcher

A position responsible for making products easier and safer to use by understanding and verifying the requirements of a product and the needs of its users by conducting user research and usability testing.

Usability Researcher

A position that uses usability tools to improve the design of a product; develops, conducts, and analyzes usability tests.

Information Architect

A position that involves analyzing how best to organize information; structures a controlled vocabulary; implements a taxonomy for the presentation of information; creates a site structure meaningful to the ends users.

Interaction Designer

A position focused on how to best create effective interactions for users on an interface.

Human Factors Specialist

A position focused on the usage of physical products; follows and implements the safety requirements on products.

User Researcher

A position that carries on qualitative research to better understand user’s interaction with a product.

Organizational Psychologist

A position that applies the scientific knowledge of human behavior within a workplace; works to enhance employee and employer satisfaction.

  • Product Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Web Designer


  • Government
  • Academia
  • Consulting
  • Private
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Consulting
  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices