School of Engineering

The Tufts’ Human Factors Engineering Program is focused on improving human interaction with systems, machines, software, and other people so that they will perform better, be safer, and improve user satisfaction. The program helps students develop an understanding of human cognition, ergonomics, and product design. The program is suited for a range of career objectives from User Research to Product Design. (For more information about possible careers, see the Career Info page. The program is accredited by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


Program Objectives

Human Factors is an interdisciplinary field that explores human’s’ interactions with all aspects of their environments. Human Factors Engineers seek to design safer and more efficient technologies and systems to improve daily life. This is achieved through an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of human performance and matching them to the design and functionality of technology.  A graduate of the program is expected to be able to:

  1. Apply human factors principles, psychology, and good design practices to solve socio-technical problems

2. Communicate effectively with audiences with different background and levels of technical capability

3. Work with or lead interdisciplinary teams



  1. Free Electives and HASS Electives (except ENG 1) may be taken pass/fail.

2. No other courses listed on the BS in Engineering Psychology degree sheet may be taken pass/fail.

3. No more than one pass/fail per semester.

See below for a sample Course Sequence (for students who started prior to 2018 – an updated version of this sample sequence can be obtained from Prof Intriligator):

FALL – 1st Year SPRING – 1st Year
EN 1
PHY 11
ENP 61
ES 2
FALL – 2nd Year SPRING – 2nd Year
ES 3 or ES 5 (Fall only)
PSY 31
PSY 53 (Fall only)
HASS Elective
Natural Science
PSY 32
PSY 130 (Spring only)
FALL – 3rd Year SPRING – 3rd Year
COMP Elective
EM 52
Foundation Elective
Natural Science
PSY 107 (Fall only)
COMP 171 (Spring only)
ENP 161 (Spring only)
ENP 166 (Spring only)
HASS Elective
FALL – 4th Year SPRING – 4th Year
ENP 120 (0.5 credit)
ENP 162 (Fall only)
Foundation Elective
Free Elective
PSY 17
ENP 120 (0.5 credit)
Engineering Elective
Foundation Elective
Free Elective
HASS Elective

Contact the faculty coordinator for more information:

Dr. James Intriligator (Mechanical Engineering)