Why Tufts’ Human Factors?

The Tufts Human Factors program is a close-knit and focused program that still allows students to pursue their passions. The interdisciplinary nature of the program gives students exposure to a multitude of topics ranging from Robotics, to medical devices, to Consumer Psychology and its small size ensures that students get familiar with faculty and make meaningful connections.

Tufts Human Factors provides experience in all aspects of the user-centered design process. Students graduate with practical skills and the program requirements impart a strong foundation in good research and design practices. In addition to required courses, elective options including HCI, Medical Technology, Consumer Psychology, and Assistive Technology enable students to pursue diverse interests.

Human Factors Faculty are not only educators but innovators. They are in-demand Human Factors specialists who share their experience in the classroom. The program is characterized by this exchange of information and students are encouraged to engage in real-world applications.

The Tufts program is one of the oldest Human Factors programs in the country and has consistently produced students who succeed in their chosen fields.