Student FAQ

Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between human factors engineering and engineering psychology?
While the programs are largely similar, HFE is offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and ENP offered by the Department of Psychology, as such there are different foundation requirements. ENP students have to complete Arts & Sciences foundation requirements including the college writing requirement and foreign language requirement. HFE students have to complete Engineering foundation classes including EN 1 and ES 3 or 5. They also have additional requirements in the form of ENP 171 and ES 93

What kind of job can I find?
There are a variety of career options for a Human Factors major. Find a list of potential careers on the Career page, along with guidance on supplemental courses. You can also check out this informative document Professor Wiklund created:   Tufts_HFE Professional Roles _2019b Smaller

Can I double major?
Yes, it is possible to double major with Human Factors. A popular option is HF and Computer Science, for both students in Arts and Sciences and students in Engineering. As always, it is easiest to double major in two fields that have some crossover in terms of required courses, but students are encouraged to talk with their advisor if they have a certain program in mind.

Can I minor in Engineering Psychology or Human Factors Engineering?
Students in the School of Engineering can pursue a minor in Human Factors Engineering. More information can be found here.  There is no minor available to students in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Can I study abroad?
Studying abroad is possible, but requires planning for Engineering Psychology students. Please see our Study Abroad page for more information.

What classes are good portfolio builders?
ENP 166 (Computer Interface Design) and FAM 39 (Graphic Design) are both good portfolio builders.

What classes outside of the required classes should I take to supplement my major?
Graphic design and web design are both good classes for ENP majors. It is also helpful to check the elective listings of departments like psychology, computer science, and cognitive and brain science.

What classes do I take during certain semesters?
The courses you take each semester will vary based on whether you are in Arts and Sciences or Engineering. Below is a sample course map of Human Factors courses required for all majors, which would be supplemented with additional requirements based on whichever school you are enrolled in. Note that all courses listed with an asterisk are only offered during the semester they are listed in below.

ES 2


PSY 53*

PSY 31

PSY 130*

PSY 32

ES 18 ENP 161
ENP 120a* ENP 120b*