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An interdisciplinary program with roots in the Department of Psychology, Engineering Psychology applies knowledge of human behavior and human attributes to the design of equipment, machines, and large-scale systems for human use. Areas of application include biomedical engineering, environmental design, and consumer product design. Students in the School of Engineering (“Human Factors Engineering”) or in the School of Arts and Sciences  (“Engineering Psychology”) will receive the Bachelor of Science degree from their respective school after meeting the general requirements set by each college.

The Engineering Psychology program for Arts and Sciences students is housed in the Psychology Department.

The major requires fifteen courses which are detailed here.

You can find some more info about possible courses/paths inside this document which was developed by Professor Wiklund:   Tufts_HFE Professional Roles _2019b Smaller

NOTE:   at this time it is not possible to obtain a minor in Engineering Psychology (or in Human Factors Engineering) if you are a student in the School of Arts and Sciences.   Only students in the School of Engineering can complete the minor in Human Factors Engineering.

For information about when you should take certain courses, see the Arts & Sciences degree sheet here, or refer to our Student FAQ.

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