Executive Director

The Natick Center Cultural District and Natick Center Associates (NCCD/NCA) seeks an energetic and highly qualified Executive Director to represent and champion the NCCD to all constituencies as an integral asset for Natick. The Executive Director is responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of NCCD and Natick Center Associates, Inc.. He/she has the authority to carry out these responsibilities in accordance with the direction, goals and policies established by the Natick Center Associates Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Executive Director is primarily responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission, marketing and financial objectives ensuring that the NCCD makes consistent and timely progress towards its strategic goals.

More specifically, the Executive Director of the Natick Center Cultural District provides vision, advocacy and leadership to ensure that the NCCD focuses on stimulating the economic and cultural life locally and regionally through development and promotion of the District.

In marketing and program management, the Executive Director will be responsible for developing and maintaining the District’s brand; creating and executing a marketing and promotion strategy; reaching-out to and coordinating with local and regional organizations; collecting and maintaining an inventory of programming, activities and community resources; creating; and developing original programs and activities as appropriate. The Executive Director will be responsible for planning, organizing and executing programming for NCA such as the Annual Dinner, Spooktacular, Small Business Saturday and Holiday Lighting on the Common.

The Executive Director is responsible for securing funding to provide the necessary resources to ensure the organization is sustainable. In this regard, the Executive Director will work with businesses, corporations, foundations and governmental bodies to provide grants and funding. Day-to-day funding duties include the development, implementation and overseeing of a funding strategy. The Executive Director will also be responsible for procuring necessary monies for the District to meet goals; fostering and maintaining relationships with business and corporate donors; identifying and pursuing foundation and government support; and creating or identifying revenue generating programs and events.

In planning and management, the Executive Director will be responsible for creating budgets and exercising fiscal responsibility for NCCD/NCA; coordinating with government entities to create and implement plans for public improvements; coordinating with organizations to create long term marketing and operational plans; facilitating discussions to identify district operational issues in the areas of transportation, parking and public safety; identifying, implementing and communicating operational solutions to stakeholders and interested parties; facilitating monthly governance committee meetings; preparing monthly reports for the Board, quarterly reports to Natick Center Associates and the Natick Town Administrator and NCCD stakeholders. In the Human Resources arena, the Executive Director will manage the recruitment, employment and deployment of any/all resources, both paid and volunteers; ensure appropriate staff is in place to carry out the day-to-day activities of the organization. Make appropriate changes to job descriptions or staff as needed; effectively manage the human resources of the organization according to current laws and regulations; and ensure that job descriptions are developed, regular performance evaluations are conducted, and that sound human resource practices are followed; and manage and motivate NCCD staff and volunteers thorough enhancement of responsibilities and guidance as needed.

Externally, the Executive Director will foster and maintain positive collaborative working relationships with all District stakeholders; foster and maintain relationships with media representatives (print, radio, television and Internet); maintain relationships with elected and appointed officials at various levels of government (city, state and federal); prepare and deliver Cultural District presentations to professional, civic, educational and social organizations; and serve as the public “face” and “voice” of the Natick Center Cultural District.

The Executive Director must have an aptitude for and experience with marketing and promotion. The successful candidate will be a relationship builder with excellent interpersonal and organizational planning skills in order to work effectively with Board members, NCA members, volunteers, elected and appointed officials at various levels of government (city, state and federal) in meeting the needs of the Natick Center Cultural District and its stakeholders. Comfort with technology and social media is essential.
A degree in Marketing, Event Planning or Business is preferred.

How To Apply:
Please submit to info.natickcenter@gmail.com
Apply by:
January 16, 2016