What is the recipe for making a successful cookbook? Join HHSL and Friedman Masters student Suzi Gerber, aka Chef Suzi, for a discussion and Q&A about her new cookbook, Plant-Based Gourmet.

Join us as we explore what goes into making a successful cookbook, how Suzi’s Friedman education impacts her work as an author/chef, and, of course, FOOD ! We’ll also learn more about how Suzi’s life experiences have shaped her perspectives on cooking, health and the power of plant-based eating. We will open the floor to any questions you might have!

Two lucky attendees (the first to sign up and attend, and a random attendee) will win a complimentary copy of Plant-Based Gourmet. As an “appetizer,”  we hope you enjoy Suzi’s *fabulous* “Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie” recipe!

To register for this event, please visit: https://tufts.libcal.com/event/7307846?hs=a

A Zoom link and password will be sent to registrants one hour prior to the start time of the event. Join us at the table!


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This year has been difficult, but here at Hirsh we want to make it as easy to use our services as possible. To that end, we have moved all of the board review/prep books that were on Reserve.

Skeleton with book

Leo is always hard at work.

All of our board review and board prep books are now in the main Hirsh Book Stacks, located up on the 5th floor of the Med Ed building! This also means they can all be checked out using the MeeScan app, and then taken out of the building and hung onto for the normal checkout periods.

So if you want to get the jump on prepping for your exams (and who doesn’t?), you can head over to JumboSearch, look up the book you need, and get started!

Good luck with your studying, and don’t forget to reach out and let us know if you run into any troubles. After all, we may not be at the desk, but we are still here to help.


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Online Staffed Hours for Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving break is almost here, which means a chance to relax and recharge! Due to the holiday, we will be having altered online staffed hours next week.

Monday 11/23:  7:45am-8:00pm (regular hours)

Tuesday 11/24:  7:45am-8:00pm (regular hours)

Wednesday 11/25: 7:45am-5pm

 Thursday 11/26 – Sunday 11/30: Closed

All of us here at Hirsh hope you have a happy, healthy, and above all relaxing break, and we will be back online to assist you when we return to normal hours on Monday, November 30th !


HIrsh Health Sciences Library workmark

In late June, the Tufts Libraries Council (TLC) published a Statement of Solidarity and Commitment in support of community protests against police brutality and systemic racism. TLC pledged to discuss and commit to a set of actions demonstrating Tufts Libraries’ commitment to antiracist values. In late October, TLC published a follow-up statement to share actions that have been taken across all the Tufts Libraries to reframe elements of our everyday work with an anti-racist lens and contribute to building an anti-racist community.

We wanted to highlight some of the Hirsh-specific actions here:

  • We have created an Anti-Racism Resource Guide which includes:
    • Information about the BLM movement
    • Resources documenting and addressing racial discrimination in health/medical professions
    • Mental health and community resources for those who identify as BIPOC
    • Educational material for co-conspirators
  • Library staff have formed an Anti-Racism reading group, which held their first discussion in October. We asked them to share a summary of their first session:

In response to suggestions from the Anti-Racism Resources Guide Tea in the summer, Hirsh Library hosted its first ever Anti-Racism Reading Group discussion in October. The goal of this first session was to foster an interdisciplinary space for people across the Tufts community to acknowledge the problem and understand the impact of anti-Black racism in the health sciences. The readings were selected by Hirsh librarians in the fields of biomedical science, dentistry, library science, medicine, nutrition, and public health. If you missed the discussion but want to take a glance at the readings, the reading list is still posted online. The discussion was rooted in the following questions:

  • What was the most impactful thing that you learned from the reading and why was it impactful to you?
  • Based on your reflections, what are ways in which you as an individual or your profession as a whole can work to address some of the impacts of anti-Black racism in your field?

The 35 registrants for the event included students, staff, and faculty in public health, dentistry, librarianship, nutrition and medicine. The greatest share of attendees were affiliated with the dental school, with the second-largest from Tufts Medical Center.

We were so excited to see people from many different disciplines and positions across Tufts come together to form this space. We hope to hold another reading group discussion sometime in the Spring 2021 semester so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the future!


Screenshot of Access Physiotherapy website

You now have full access to the following two physiotherapy collections from McGraw-Hill Medical: the AccessPhysiotherapy and F.A. Davis PT Collection. These collections include clinical textbooks, cases, and review preps:

“AccessPhysiotherapy (APT) is an online medical resource that provides students with the tools they need to excel in basic and advanced studies and crucial test prep. APT provides students and residents with interactive content, self-assessment, and leading medical texts to enhance decision-making at the point-of-care. It allows for practicing physical therapists to brush up on their medical knowledge to ensure best patient outcomes.”


Screenshot of F.A. Davis Physiotherapy collection

“The F.A. Davis PT Collection on AccessPhysiotherapy is the most comprehensive digital subscription product on the market for educators and physical therapy students. This partnership between F.A. Davis and McGraw-Hill Education brings you a comprehensive online PT resource that covers the entire spectrum of physical therapy–for viewing on any device.”

What is mail delivery, and who can request it?

Hirsh Library has implemented a mail delivery service.  Students, faculty, and staff are able to request books from any Tufts library to be delivered to them by UPS. This service is meant to serve users who cannot come to campus to pick up their own requests during this time of COVID-19.

We are limited in providing this service to only mailing addresses in the United States. Because of issues with customs and the expense involved, we cannot ship to international destinations. If you need delivery internationally please contact us to discuss your needs further.

How do I request mail delivery?

Begin by searching for a book in JumboSearch. Once you have located your book, select Request Item (you will need to log in to see the Request Item button). Using the dropdown arrow under Pickup Location, select Home Address.

Requesting a book online in the library catalogUsing the dropdown menu to choose a delivery location of a library book from the online catalog

Once we have prepared your books for delivery, we will email you to ask you for your current mailing address, phone number, and email. We need this information to create a shipment for you in UPS. We will save your contact information in your library account until the end of the semester in order to facilitate any future deliveries we make to you. If your contact information changes at any point, please contact us at hhslcirc@tufts.edu before you make your next request. When you are finished with your books, just use the enclosed return mailing label and drop the book off at the UPS near you.

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In observance of Veterans Day, we will be having shortened online staffed hours on Wednesday 11/11. You can email, chat, or text us with any research, reference, or resource questions between 12pm and 8pm and we will have someone online available to assist you.


Here’s a bit of mid-week fun! Last week, we thought we’d check in with Hirsh’s resident dinobrarian to see how she’s doing working from home. In case you missed it, here is the full chronicle of #dinodayinthelife:







Attention first-year medical students! With anatomy starting this month, take advantage of the virtual anatomy tools available through the library. Through the HHSL website you can access the virtual models in our collection. This post highlights two of our most popular resources. If you have questions for library staff about anatomy resources, sign up for Virtual Anatomy Tools Office Hours, occurring from 12pm-1pm on November 10.

Anterior Triangle, Hyoid Muscles and the Hypoglossal Muscle

Anterior Triangle, Hyoid Muscles and the Hypoglossal Nerve 6) Sternohyoid Muscle © Scholar Educational Systems, Inc 2001-2019. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 2 Jan 2019.

Net Anatomy (everything you want; nothing you don’t!) contains a catalog of dissection images with labels and descriptions. The Test feature hides labels—a handy tool for doing self-assessments as you study.

Dissection: ankle and foot superficial dissection

Dissection: ankle and foot superficial dissection © Informa UK Limited 2019. Used under Tufts – Hirsh Health Sciences Library License. Accessed 2 Jan 2019.

Anatomy.TV by Primal Pictures is another database of images, comprised of 3D, interactive models. It has a few more bells and whistles to explore than what’s in Net Anatomy.

Investigate a more extensive list of Hirsh’s anatomy resources from our Anatomy Research Guide.

Post contributed by Christina Heinrich.


Meescan logo

Need to check out a physical book? We have an app for that! Download meeScan (available on Google Play or iTunes) to check out books when you’re at Hirsh Library. All you need to do once you download the app is log in with your Tufts username and password (please note: you must be physically in the library in order to log in). After finding a book in our collection, tap the plus sign (+) and scan the Tufts Library book barcode to check out the book. If you are affiliated with Tufts Medical Center (TMC), the barcode on the back of your TMC ID will also work to log into the app. If you do not have a barcode, please contact us and we will be able to set you up with an account and barcode.

Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.