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Goyal, M. M., & Basak, A. (2012, November). Hydroxyl Radical Generation Theory: A Possible Explanation of Unexplained Actions of Mammalian Catalase. International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 3(3), 282-289. doi:10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2012.10.050

This paper starts out describing the accepted mechanism of normal mammalian catalase mechanism: the conversion of two molecules of hydrogen peroxide into two molecules of water through an oxyferryl intermediate. What makes this paper stand out is that it is the first paper (to our knowledge) that has mechanistically outlined how ethanol is oxidized to acetaldehyde in catalase. From the mechanism proposed on page 283 and the scheme on page 286, we were able to determine the arrow-pushing sequence for the oxidation of ethanol based on their hydroxyl radical generation theory.

To learn more about catalase and its mechanism based on this paper, click here


  1. (This is for the three papers in general) I think you chose good papers, however, I think it would be beneficial if you more fully explained them on your page. I think the goal should be for the reader to understand the paper well, without having to go read it themselves. Therefore it would be especially good if you showed the figures and mechanisms that you referred to in your descriptions.

    • Delia, I think this is the paper that they talk about in greater depth under their catalase webpage, where they have figures and such.

      I would suggest either
      – putting a hyperlink on this page linking back to the catalase page
      – You have quite a bit of information on your catalase page. Perhaps you could talk about catalase more superficially there and then put the specific information related to this paper on this page

      • I personally like the brief summaries of the papers here, but yes to support Ioana’s idea I think there should be links to the pages where you talked about the results of these papers, maybe even followed by a few sentences summarizing what information you pulled from these papers.

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