Saima Ahmed

Saima Ahmed, MALD 2011, Bangladesh

Current Role: University of Dhaka, Assistant Professor – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fields of Study: International Organizations; International Security Studies

Capstone Topic: The Development of Islamist Politics In Bangladesh

Activities involved in at Fletcher: Gender Equality Club

Education before Fletcher:

MSS, International Relations, University of Dhaka

BSS, International Relations, University of Dhaka

Experience before Fletcher:

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, University of Chittagong; Bangladesh

Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English

Why I chose Fletcher: I am fascinated by the world as it keeps changing everyday. I have always been interested in knowing the factors that cause change and understanding the complex relationships that exists among them. Change — the result of interactions between man and nature, interactions between man and man, and violent conflicts between or among nations — has been fundamental to human civilization. But it has also caused distress or hardship for millions of people in the modern world. It is the collective responsibility of students of all disciplines to study the factors of change and make the international communities and policy makers aware of them in order to make informed decisions in the future. I chose Fletcher in order to gain a better understanding of our world and how we are shaping its future. Fletcher has a superb reputation for its excellent faculty and community. Students and faculty are from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, which provides a unique opportunity to learn. This will enormously help to expand my educational knowledge and assist me in gaining the skills and experiences that are essential for building my career as a professor.