Setting Up a Classroom

To run BioScann in a classroom, you need to make Classrooms (automatically linked to your teacher account and you assign a module set) and Groups (you link them to the classroom).

  1. Click on ‘Classroom Configuration’ on the left hand side.
    1. You’ll see tabs at the top for ‘CLASSROOMS’ and ‘GROUPS’.

  2. Click on ‘CLASSROOMS(you should already be here when you click on ‘Classroom Configuration’).
  1. Fill in the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’, and ‘Assign Course’. 
    1. Title – use any title that will help you identify which classroom you are working with.
    2. Description – this is to help you remember which classroom this is. It could be the semester, year, grade level, etc. The date of creation is automatically remembered by the platform – so you can always filter by year at a later date.
    3. Assign Course – this is a dropdown menu. If you are participating in our research study, we will assign you a course. If you are NOT participating in our study, you can choose whichever you like. There are currently two courses (Module Sets):
      1. HIV – the basic HIV course.
      2. HIV-infographics – the HIV course with added infographics embedded into the curriculum.

  2. Click the purple ‘Create’ button.
    1. A table will be populated at the bottom of the page with a list of all your classrooms. 
    2. You will need to create a ‘Classroom’ for each of your sections.
  1. Click on ‘GROUPS’.
  1. Fill in the ‘Title’, ‘Description’, ‘Classroom’, ‘Username’, ‘Password’, and ‘Confirm password’ boxes.
    1. Title – we recommend using Group 1-5 as the title. For example, Group 1 for Group 1 in your first class section AND Group 1 for Group 1 in your second class section. 
    2. Description – this doesn’t matter much. Students will NOT see this description, so you could use it to keep track of students’ names, or difficulty of the material. You could also use the date, month, etc.
    3. Classroom – this is a dropdown menu, choose the appropriate classroom – it should only show you classrooms that you have created.
    4. Username – needs to be lowercase. We recommend using some combination of the group #, your last name, and the semester as the username. For example, group 1 in the Fall 2018 semester of John Doe’s class, would use the username group1doefall2018. Every username in the system has to be different, so if you randomly choose the same username as one that already exists, you will get an error message. 
    5. Password and Confirm password – choose something simple that students will remember, like ‘bioscann’ or ‘science’. The password must be at least 6 characters long.

  2. Click the purple ‘Create’ button.
    1. You will need to make 5 groups for EACH classroom.
    2. A table will populate at the bottom of the page with the information for all the groups you’ve created.