Viewing and Navigating the Results Page

We advise you to have BioScann logged in on your computer when you are running class. 

To see the Student Results Page:

  1. Click on ‘Manage Sessions’ on the left hand menu bar.
  2. Click on the purple ‘Results Page’ button. (You will be automatically taken to Day 1 results).
  1. Navigate to other days of the curriculum using the ‘Next Module’ and ‘Previous Module’ buttons at the top.
    1. If groups are posting as you are viewing the results, refresh the page in order to see new results.
  1. Click on the spyglass/plus sign for each group’s data in order to zoom in on the data and see their written responses to discussion questions.
  1. Poll data for the day’s module is at the bottom of the page – scroll down to see it. 
    1. Two graphs correspond to the two polls:
      1. A bar graph of the groups’ decisions.
      2. A pie chart showing which character/role groups were influenced by the most.
      3. Some days have multiple polls – navigate between these polls using the ‘Next Poll’ and ‘Previous Poll’ buttons.