Babysitting in Somerville

Description: Our family is here for a sabbatical, my husband and I are both academics. We are looking for an after-school babysitter for our two children (ages 8 and 5). The kids are gregarious, fluent English speakers, get along really well and easy to entertain. Their babysitters tend to really fall for them and we are still in touch with them.

Location: Banks St., Somerville MA

Time(s): Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (preferred) from 2:15p-5:15p.

Hours per week: 6-9


  1. Pick up from school and walk back home (a 10 minute walk). No car needed.
  2.  Offer kids a prepared snack. 
  3.  Supervise homework, if they have any. 
  4. Play and have fun

Pay: $25/hr

Contact: Noa  or text (857)-8299981