Math Class Webinar 10/19/21

The Robertson Center’s Real Value of Math Class webinar is less than one week away! Join us on Tuesday, October 19th at 4PM EDT for a discussion on the power and potential of math class when thinking is front and center. You’ll hear from a panel of experts including former NASA astronaut Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr., math education change agent Steve Leinwand, Citizen Math’s Karim Ani, and SA math leader Laura Drechsel about how and why conceptual math can encourage creative thinking and real-world problem solving.

What is so special about Success is our dual mission– to provide our kids a great education, but also to advocate across the country to change public policies that prevent so many children from having access to opportunity. 

To move this mission forward, Success Academy built the Robertson Center which is built for educators across the country!  The Center hosts programming and events throughout the year for educators and anyone that believes in the power of public education and are interested in discussing and learning how to create magical classrooms with inspiring teaching!   

Also, we’ll release some brand new SA math curriculum during the event. Come join us to get a first look at these exciting elementary and middle school resources that will support great thinking in math.

For more information about the event, please contact Hillary.

Hillary Robbins
Specialist, Talent Acquisition
Success Academy Charter Schools
C: 929 316 7014

95 Pine Street, Floor 6
New York, NY 10005
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Math Tutor for 7th Grader

We’re in search of a graduate or undergraduate student interested in tutoring our almost 13 year old daughter who just entered 7th grade. Focus will be on strengthening basic math facts and learning of her current curriculum. We’re especially interested in someone who can demystify math by making it fun, relevant — and maybe even cool?. 

If you’re energetic and have an encouraging and positive approach to learning, please get in touch. 

When: Monday or Wednesday anytime after 3:45 pm (one session 60-90 minutes)

Where: Tufts campus or our house (between Tufts and Davis)

Payment: 35 USD per hour 

Contact: Lori at or 617 460-9087


The Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU) program is a seven- week immersive summer experience in secondary mathematics education
at Brown University in Providence, RI, funded by the National Science Foundation. TEU participants earn a generous stipend, take a 60-hour course in mathematics pedagogy, and apply what they’re learning to teaching urban high school students under the supervision of a master teacher-mentor.

If you are committed to a career in secondary education or seriously interested in exploring the possibility of such a career, apply now.

For information or to apply:
Application deadline: February 28, 2021
Acceptances announced: March 15, 2021
Program start date: June 14, 2021 (Subject to change of up to a week)

TEU participants receive:

A generous stipend
Travel expenses
Room and board
Books and course materials
Option to earn credit for pedagogy course
Funding to attend national or regional conference on STEM education

TEU participants complete:

A mathematics pedagogy course
A teaching practicum under the supervision of a mentor
A post-summer science education leadership project at home institution

TEU applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Pedagogy Course

The equivalent of at least a semester-long course, the math pedagogy course is taught by the TEU summer director of mathematics. This course will introduce participants to basic principles and best classroom practices for effective classroom teaching of secondary mathematics.

Areas of emphasis include the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, fostering mathematical thinking in students through active learning, and analysis of student work to improve teacher practice. Assignments for the course include daily readings, weekly reflections, an end-of-the- course assessment, and a closing conference.

Participants have the option of earning Brown University credit for the pedagogy course.


During weeks three through six, participants work in teams of three to teach a mathematics class of their own design to 25-30 students as part of the Brown Summer High School program.

Brown Summer High School brings around 200 local high-needs high school students to campus for four weeks each July for classes in English, history, math, and science. A local master teacher will closely supervise each team. The mentor will monitor each class, provide feedback, and contribute professional expertise in classroom management techniques and lesson design. Each team will debrief daily with it’s mentor.

The Brown TEU also includes up to two mini-workshops with visiting leaders in mathematics education.

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Summer Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU)

For Liberal Arts Institutions

Supported by a $2.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates (TEU) program provides undergraduate STEM majors, planning to pursue a teaching career in science or seriously interested in exploring such a career, with an immersive summer experience in secondary mathematics or science education. 

Each year, 24 STEM undergraduates selected from a network of 61 liberal arts institutions take part in a 6-week summer program that integrates a mathematics or science pedagogy course with a teaching practicum. Twelve students per summer participate in the mathematics TEU program at Brown University, and 12 participate in the science TEU program at Trinity College.  TEU participants are awarded a stipend ranging from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on whether or not they choose to receive degree credit for the pedagogy course and on the student’s financial aid status at his/her home institution.