Admissions Process

children and adults in natural play yard

The goal of the admissions process is to determine whether Eliot-Pearson Children’s School can meet a child’s needs and the family’s expectations. We make every effort to inform families about the educational philosophy of our program and about the expectation that families become involved in school sponsored activities. We try to develop a collaboration with every family in order to support the home-school-child relationship.  Below you will find information on the admissions decision process as well as a timeline of important dates.  These materials are also available in the admissions packet available below.

Considerations in the Admissions Process

Commitment to Diversity

The Eliot-Pearson Children’s School actively seeks a student population that represents a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. We value and strive for diversity within our family population, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic and national origin, cultural heritage, color, political beliefs, marital status, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, or family style in the administration of the Children’s School admissions and educational policies, financial assistance programs, or any school administered program. All benefits and privileges are available to every child and family. Appreciation and respect for all people and families is at the heart of our program. Toilet training status is not an eligibility requirement for admissions at Eliot-Pearson Children’s School.

Currently Enrolled Children

Our first obligation is to the children already enrolled in the school. Families of children currently enrolled are asked to express their preferences in December for the following year; however, due to physical space limitations in each classroom, we cannot guarantee re-enrollment from year to year. The number of openings remaining in each group will be determined from the base of returning children.


Whenever applicable, priority is given to applicants who are siblings of children currently enrolled; however, acceptance is not guaranteed.

Special Rights

The Children’s School is committed to providing quality education for all children. Children with special rights are enrolled in all of our groups. We serve children with a broad spectrum of learning differences. All decisions are made on an individual basis. In a model of inclusion, children who need therapy services receive them in the context of their school day, whenever possible. We collaborate as a team of educators and specialists to work with families and others who may be involved in setting goals for children with special needs. Every attempt is made to co-operate with school systems to secure the services required for children and families. 

Tufts Faculty, Staff, and Students

Consideration is given to families who are part of the Tufts community.

Final Decisions

Final admissions decisions are made by the Director after close consultation with the School Coordinator, Education Specialist, and Teaching Staff.

Acceptance Procedures

Once accepted, a non-refundable $650.00 deposit is required and an enrollment contract is signed. We will let families know of their admissions status by mid-March. Children who do not receive a slot by the beginning of April are placed on an active waiting list.


Families interested in the school should submit an application with the $30.00 non-refundable application fee. The fee is requested to support our scholarship fund. The first round of admissions decisions are made in March. Openings do occur when families move or change their plans. For this reason, we accept applications throughout the year.



We encourage all prospective families to reach out to us about admissions starting in Mid-October when the current school year gets underway. Due to health and safety protocols in the time of COVID-19, visitors are not allowed in school premises. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a virtual meeting with the Director, Hanna Gebretensae.