Documentation at EPCS

Children’s art, words and work are thoughtfully curated and displayed throughout the center and via the EPCS website, encouraging family and community engagement and interaction. A variety of methods are used to share curriculum and students’ work with families, ensuring access for all families.

Documentation supports EPCS’s commitment to communicating and sharing the rich learning and research that comes out of the lab school with the larger community.

Documentation is a method of qualitative research through observation, recording notes and use of a variety of media to understand children’s and teachers’ learning processes. As a part of our daily practice it ensures authentic assessment, effective and developmentally appropriate teaching practice, and on-going family and community engagement.

Observation and documentation supports intentional curriculum development ensuring that teachers account for the diverse learning styles that exist in each classroom. Documentation supports teachers’ thoughtful development of inclusive curriculum for both individualized and group learning experiences.

EPCS uses the documentation process as a method of research through which teachers ensure that their assessments of children (whether for use during teacher meetings or during parent/teacher conferences) are authentic and unbiased. Portfolios including children’s work samples, words, photos, and other products are kept in each classroom and updated regularly.