Strong and meaningful connections between families and the school have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children. The relationship with our families is a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust and respect. Every family and culture is valued and acknowledged. Families are collaborators and decision makers in their children’s well being. They are key advocates and resources for each other. Eliot-Pearson facilitates and bridges this process to build a joyful and healthy community where children can strive.

The Eliot-Pearson Children’s School informs and engages parents as partners. The school  promotes supportive communication that foster social interactions in a variety of ways:

  • Parents assume various volunteer responsibilities
  • Establishment of a Parent Advisory Board
  • Parent/teacher community learning/discussion groups
  • Fundraising – community-based family activities & long-term goals
  • Parents’ skill-based groups
  • Parents participate in school-wide events

What is PTAB?

Eliot-Pearson Children’s School has a Parent Advisory Board and other committees that help organize different community events throughout the school year. We rely on family involvement to make all of our events a success and we need every family’s help.

Getting Involved

We ask that each family volunteer for one event or task during the year. There are many ways to get involved, from big to small. Events are scattered throughout the year and have differing commitments, so families can select something that suits their schedule and interests. Volunteer Tasks & Descriptions gets listed on a blog or get posted in the lobby at school.


Purpose of PTAB

EPCS Parent Advisory Board helps build effective parent, teacher, and school relationships. The Board members serve as an advisory and support to the Director. They offer advice on policies, procedures, family engagement and issues raised by the community. The board serves organizes and oversees family-centered activities for the school community under four categories; educational, community building, and fund-raising.

PTAB Membership

The PTAB will be represented by all those who have relationships with the school, including: four Parent Co-Chairs who will be responsible for coordinating with Director of School, two Parents from each class who will serve as class parents and PTAB representatives, Director, School Operations Coordinator, one Head Teacher/Admin.

The PTAB will form teams as necessary to fulfill its mission. All members of the school community will be asked and highly encouraged to serve on at least one team.

PTAB Meetings

Meetings are open to all and will be held three times a year in the evening. Committee meetings will be held as necessary and will be organized by committee chair(s). The first part of each meeting will consist of a brief review of business, followed by a more lengthy discussion on a particular focus/event topic(s) related to the school. The Parent Co-Chairs of PTAB and Director will establish goals and mission for fundraising before school begins each year.


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