Life After Eliot-Person

EPCS holds gatherings to support families in navigating the process of school selection after Eliot-Pearson and to help demystify the process of school selection by inviting parents of alumni to offer a list of considerations involved in the decision-making process. 

The choice of next school for one’s children is a personal one. Only families can know what is the best choice for their children.  The school, teachers and parent alumni are valuable and reliable resources for families as they begin to think about their children’s educational needs in the years to come.

Our partnership with families extends to this important transition, and our event “Life After Eliot-Pearson” is one way we support children and families. A panel of former Children’s School parents share their experiences with current families and discuss factors to consider while transitioning to another school and advocating for your child in a school setting. The conversation also includes parents’ reflections on how change affects children and adults, and offer strategies for a smooth transition.

Parents of alumni also present brief background information on the school they have chosen for their children, why they chose the specific school, the nature of their transition, what worked well and what was challenging, and hindsights on what they would do differently should they go through the process again. Current families are always appreciative of the information and advice they receive. Some of them will likely return as future panelists.