Visiting Educators

Eliot-Pearson Children’s School develops, offers and facilitates a variety of innovative, academic initiative and mentoring/coaching programs, institutes, forums, seminars, and professional development opportunities to the local and global early childhood communities.

Local Visitors

Collaboration to enhance EPCS’ Natural Play-scape: This Spring, Arn Franzen who is an architect for the city of Somerville and working specifically on redeveloping play-spaces across the city came to see the playground at EPCS with the intent of looking at, discussing and influencing the city’s perspective and investment around natural play-scape. A few years back, EPCS shifted from a traditional playground to a natural play-scape to provide a healthy an open early childhood setting for outdoor play. This shift aimed to create a play-scape that holds children’s attention and interaction in a cooperative, constructive, natural, and loco-motor play. The play-scape has been an inspiration, educational and observation site for students, instructors, researchers, city playground planners and more.

International Visitors


School Principals U.S. Tour, China • Early Childhood Professionals, China • School administrators, principals and superintendent from Hangzhou China• ECE teachers from Nanjing, China • A study tour of early childhood professionals • A study tour of early childhood teachers and principals from China, through a Singapore partner


•Poly Technic visiting scholars from Singapore, Ngee Ann, Head of Humanities with administrators. • Visiting Scholars • Administrators, including the head of the School of Humanities who runs the ECE Diploma, and a Principal from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.

South Africa

• Faculty members from the University of Fort Hare in East London, South Africa who are in the process of building and Early Childhood Education center


• Administrators and educators MALD Educational Support PLC multi-service agency in Ethiopia that offers tutoring, training, consultation, coaching, mentoring, and media teaching for a wide variety of educational institutions, students, teachers and parents.

Highlighting a Visit

During the month of October, EPCS had international visitors! Every year a group of school directors from Singapore come to Boston to learn about Early Childhood Education in the US. During their time in Boston they spend a few days in some of the best early childhood centers in the area. This program is coordinated by Boston University Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. For the past four years, EPCS has been selected as one of the demonstration sites. This year they spent two days at EPCS and during their visit they had the opportunity to meet with our staff, headteachers, parents’ co-chairs and the department chair. They left with a great impression of the school. EPCS was very happy to have this exchange of experiences across countries.

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