More Talk About Sanctions? More Talk About Sanctions!

We’ve got sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, and more sanctions.

By Daniel Drezner, Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law

Longtime readers of Drezner’s World are aware that I have written and taught a fair amount about economic sanctions — so much so that on occasion I feel like I’m in the Monty Python “Spam” sketch — but replace the word “Spam” with “sanctions”:1

But here’s a question — have you, gentle readers, ever heard me just talk about sanctions?! Well now you can! 

The good folks at EconoFact asked me to come on to discuss what we know about economic sanctions: “Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool.

This means there’s an entirely new media ecosystem through which you can hear me discuss sanctions. It’s me discussing economic sanctions, but in podcast form!! Nothing but sanctions!! Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, baked beans, and sanctions! 

In all seriousness, if you need just a twenty-minute primer on the topic, click here and you can listen to my colleague Michael Klein ask me what is going on in the world of economic sanctions. 


1 Of course, just because I have written a bunch about sanctions does not mean there is nothing more to say about the topic. Both the research and the practice are always evolving— which means there will be more to say as time goes by.

(This post is republished from Drezner’s World.)

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