Professor Alan Henrikson Delivers Lectures to MGIMO Students

From April 15-22, 2018, at MGIMO University, a series of lectures on the “History, Theory, and Practice of Diplomacy” by Professor Alan Henrikson of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (USA) was held for students of the MA program “International Relations.”

During the short course, the lecturer touched upon such issues as the origins and evolution of the institution of diplomacy; the social, political and legal status of a diplomat; international conventions on diplomatic and consular relations; and the specificity of multilateral, public, and cultural diplomacy.

Professor Henrikson considers it important not only to provide students with a set of certain facts but also to teach them to think independently and to argue their position on the issues under consideration, relying on analysis of recommended readings.

Diana Mutelimova, a 1st-year student of the MA program “World Politics”, shared her opinion about the subject: “The course of Professor Alan Henrikson was very productive. During a such a short period of time, Professor Henrikson walked us through important milestones of diplomatic history, focusing on essential documents and scientific works. In the course of discussions on the role of diplomats in the current conditions of rapidly evolving information technologies that were different from previous eras, it was established that the value of diplomatic activity is become even greater. The course also included a simulation of the UN Security Council on North Korea’s nuclear program as well as writing an essay based on the reading materials and one’s own vision of the situation. Such courses, taught in the original languages of many significant works in diplomacy, supplement my knowledge of Russian diplomatic history and contribute to a better understanding of the functioning of systems in other countries and international processes generally.”

The short course was implemented with the financial support of the charitable foundation “Art, Science and Sport.”

This article was republished from MGIMO website.

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