This is the new COLD WAR!

By Dr. Brian Keating’s YouTube channel, featuring Chris Miller (Miller is an Associate Professor of International History at The Fletcher School, and author of Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology)

If there’s one key factor securing America’s economic prosperity and military superiority, it’s not oil; it’s chips. No, not the chips we all love to snack on during movies, but highly efficient computer chips. Chips that power pretty much everything from our military machinery to our iPhones. The United States held the top spot in crafting the fastest chips on Earth for a long time. But countries like Taiwan and China are catching up fast. This unfolding race that will determine our future has been thoroughly chronicled by today’s guest, Chris Miller, in his book Chip War. Wanna know what he found out during his research? Then tune in to this exciting episode of Into the Impossible!

(This post is republished from YouTube.)

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