Tufts University professor gives a lecture at Yerevan State University

Professor Jeffrey Taliaferro of Tufts University presented the theory of neoclassical realism in a lecture at the YSU-Crisp AI Lab scientific and educational research center.

Professor Taliaferro presented the methodology and epistemology of neoclassical realism, which he has studied since the 1990s. The professor emphasized that neoclassical realism differs from realism, constructivism, and other theories interpreting international relations and states’ behavior.

The theorist referred to the system of international relations as the main factor determining the behavior of states, and also presented other domestic factors.

“Unlike the theories of constructive realism and liberalism, neoclassical realism cannot act alone in international relations,” said Taliaferro.

During the lecture, emphasizing international relations from the point of view of big states and superpowers, the professor also referred to the behavior of international relations for small states like Armenia.

It should be noted that the professor’s research concerns security studies, international relations theory, international history and politics, superpower strategies, and cyber security.

The lecture was attended by representatives of YSU Faculty of International Relations, post-graduate students, students, and guests. At the end of the meeting, a discussion was held on the presented topic.

This piece was republished from YSU News in Armenian. It was translated into English by Alex Avaneszadeh.

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