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On April 4th, GDAE, in collaboration with the Consulate General of France, Tufts Institute of the Environment, and the International 4 per 1000 Initiative, sponsored a forum and panel discussion on “Soil Health, Agriculture, and Climate in New England”. Presentations at the panel reflected the work of a team of food system advocates, including farmers, researchers, students, and policymakers aiming to launch a Soil Health Initiative that will enhance and expand the regional system of soil management in New England States.

Speakers included:
Dr. Timothy Griffin, Tufts Friedman School 
Ellen Griswold, Maine Farmland Trust
Julie Davenson, Executive Director of Stonewall Farms 
Didi Pershouse, Author of “The Ecology of Care” 
Sylvain Maestracci, French Embassy in Washington D.C. 

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Jonathan Sanderman, Woods Hole Research Center, “Soil carbon sequestration: from potential to reality

Paul Luu, Executive Secretary of 4 per 1000 Initiative, “The 4 per 1000 InitiativeGeneral Presentation” 
The International 4 per 1000 Initiative, launched by the French government, aims to promote greenhouse gas emissions reduction though greater carbon absorption in agricultural soils. “4 per 1000” refers to the great potential for carbon absorption through practices that increase soil carbon sequestration by 0.4% per year, both to combat climate change and to increase food security.

Will Szal, Economics at Regen Network, “Regen Network

Sylvain Maestracci, Agricultural Counselor, French Embassy in Washington D.C, “Soil Health, Agriculture & Climate in New England – 4p1000 initiative

Steven Keleti, Tufts Northeast Healthy Soils Initiative, “Healthy Soils Legislation and Policy

Julie Davenson, Executive Director of Stonewall Farms, “Stonewall Farms

Didi Pershouse, Author of “The Ecology of Care”, “The Soil Sponge: The living matrix that supports life on earth

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This event was sponsored by GDAE at Tufts University, the Friedman School at Tufts University, Tufts Institute of the Environment, the international 4 per 1000 Initiative, and the Consulate General of France in Boston.

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