Debbie Berlanstein

Today, we share bittersweet news:  our Associate Director, Debbie Berlanstein, will be retiring on June 30th. Debbie held the position of Head of Information Services (now our Research & Instruction department) from June 2005 to September 2006, before being welcomed back with open arms as Associate Director in February 2012.

In her tenure as Associate Director, Debbie has fostered a warm and collaborative daily working environment. A champion of new ideas, she has encouraged both our librarians and support staff to pursue professional development opportunities and to participate in our broader library and health sciences communities. She has also sought to create a similar open and engaging environment for our patrons. She always looked for ways to improve the environment for those using the library, and has overseen several major library renovations and large scale furniture purchases.

She will be missed a great deal, but we are excited for her to enjoy the next phase of her life, which we hope is filled with lots of travel, time with family, and British detective shows.


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