At Eliot-Pearson Children’s School, we host school events designed to inform and engage families in the life of the school, and foster social interactions that bolster our school spirit and sense of community.

One highly anticipated school-wide event held in the spring that seeks to expand and deepen family connection is Significant Day. On Significant Day, children welcome a significant person from their lives to spend a morning in their classrooms and experience our school community. A significant person is someone special and prominent in the child’s life, and can be a grandparent, a favorite older relative (e.g., an uncle, aunt, or cousin), a family friend, a neighbor, or a caregiver. Significant Day is always a joyful experience for all!

In the spring of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic could not keep Significant Day from taking place. We held a virtual event that beamed in significant elders from around the United States, and from countries in the world where they live, such as, England and Japan. Children and elders alike smiled and waved at each other. Children told about the things they are learning in school while the elders listened intently and shared their own experiences. This shared experience crossed time zones and great distances.

Building children’s sense of sense, family, and community is at the heart of our family events. Enjoy this video clip of EPCS Significant Day!

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