Feminist Foreign Policy


The feminist foreign policy agenda places gender at the center of the foreign policy decision making process. Historically, women are treated as a special interest group in international politics. Rather than treating women as an afterthought, feminist foreign policy advocates placing gender at the forefront of the decision making process. A growing body of research suggests that women’s economic, political, and social participation can lead to a richer and more peaceful world. This has implications for not only gender equality and humanitarian programming, but international security as well.This panel will explore the implications of feminist foreign policy for the global balance of power and how leadership can shape the evolution of a more gender-inclusive foreign policy.

Moderator:- Stephenie Foster: Co-founder and partner at Smash Strategies.

Panelists:- Jamille Bigio: Senior Fellow on Women and Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Toni Haastrup: Senior lecturer in international politics at the University of Stirling

Judicaelle Irakoze: 2019 European Commission Young Leader on migration, the G20 young global Changer on Gender Equality, a delegate at the International Congress of Youth voices, a published author, and a contributor writer at African Feminisms.