Fletcher LEADS Workshop

We had our inaugural event with Evelyn Murphy of The Wage Project on Saturday October 10, 2016. The goals for the workshop were for Fletcher students in attendance to be committed, comfortable, and confident negotiating for fair pay and benefits. Evelyn taught students that salary negotiation is about being objective about your market worth, being persuasive, and thinking strategically. She encouraged students to do their research and practice their five-minute pitch for justifying their worth. Finally, Evelyn explained the ramifications of the gender wage gap and noted that females who complete graduate programs can lose around one to two million dollars from the gender wage gap. She therefore asked Fletcher students to say out loud to themselves before negotiations, “I want my million dollars!”  Lunch and a coffee break were included.

Workshop feedback: 38 Fletcher students attended this workshop. 100% of students who completed feedback forms (32 students) said the workshop met or exceeded their expectations. Approximately 80% of students surveyed mentioned planning on using these skills in their job search after Fletcher.

Comments from feedback forms:

  • “It exceeded expectations through the more intimate, interactive process. The speaker was welcoming and understanding to any and all questions.”
  • “The content was simple and helpful, but Evelyn herself and her approach to the subject was key to the room’s level of engagement. I think the workshop overall worked really well.”
  • “I wish I had this workshop during my undergraduate experience.”
  • “I will do a better job evaluating my worth!”