2018 GIS Poster Expo Gallery

Best in Show:

Mattison Barickman, Advanced GIS
An Earthquake Hazard Assessment:
Identifying suitable regions for hydrologic infrastructure
in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties; CA, USA

Ying (Katherine) Zhou, GIS for Conservation Medicine
Take the Leopard Home:
A Suitability and Connectivity Analysis of North Chinese Leopards

Runners Up:

Bin Feng Zheng
A Demonstration Well-being Index for the City of Los Angeles

Gaia Bonini
Derailing Conservation:
Identifying Suitable Wildlife Crossings Across Kenya’s Trans-National Railway

Kai Ying Lau
Expanding the Little Red Dot: Urbanization of Singapore 1989 – 2002

Michael LaScaleia
Going Gray:Following Gray Wolves through a Reintroduction Scenario in New York and New England

Sofany Montoya
Poach Eggs Not Bears:
Predicting and Preventing Malayan Sun Bear Poaching

Olivia Schultes
Borehole Functionality in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Wencong Xu
Share Bicycle for the First and the Last Mile Issue in NYC

Jenny Schilling
Not “If”, But “When”:
A Risk Analysis for Rabies Entering Australia

Justin Hudson
How to Make the Most Out of Your First Trip to Mars

Daniele Todorov
Leaded Louie: Modeling the Risk of Lead Paint Hazards in
St. Louis City

Eliana Golding
Surviving the Development Boom:
A Suitability and Vulnerability Analysis of Boston’s Neighborhoods

Alexander Todorov
Factors Affecting MBTA Commuter Rail Ridership Developing a Regression Model to Forecast Station Ridership

Fall 2017 Participants:

Fall 2017 – MCM 591 – GIS for Conservation Medicine

Gaia Bonini
Derailing Conservation: Identifying Suitable Wildlife Crossings Across Kenya’s Trans-National Railway

Emily Haines
From Great to Gross: A Cladophora Risk Analysis in the Great Lakes

Meghan MacGregor
Cacao for Corridors: A Suitability Analysis Of Shade-grown Cacao Corridors for Black Howler Monkeys in Izabal, Guatemala

Tricia Montague
Flu Jersey: Risk Analysis of Influenza Virus in New Jersey

Amalia Saladrigas
The Bigly, Tremendous Wall: “Yuge” Impacts on Wildlife Ranges

Kate Slyngstad
No Postage Necessary: Identifying Natural Anthrax Hotspots in Namibia

Katherine Zhou
Take the Leopard Home: A Suitability and Connectivity Analysis of North Chinese Leopards

Brittany Champey
Drop It Like It’s Hot: Identifying Suitable Drop-off Recycling Sites in Horry County, South Carolina

Brianna Laing
Black Bear Crossings: Identifying Suitable Locations for Black Bear Crossings in Florida

Zara Martinez
Preaching about Bleaching: How The Oceans Have Changed

Sofany Montoya
Poach Eggs Not Bears: Predicting and Preventing Malayan Sun Bear Poaching

Jenny Schilling
Not “If”, But “When”: A Risk Analysis for Rabies Entering Australia

Brianna Stockdale
Nest Site Selection in Blanding’s Turtles

Sara Colin
Hybrid Bears: A Consequence of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Alexandra Lombard
Looking Out for Lyme: Identifying Areas of Disease Risk in Ohio

Cristen Mathews
Proceed with Caution: An Evaluation of Desert Tortoise Habitat Loss Due to Utility-Scale Solar Farm Development in the Mojave Desert

Anna Pierce
Cruising for Harbor Seals: Rerouting Conflict Between Vessel Traffic and Harbor Seals

Miren Schleicher
Make Way for Penguins: A Suitability Analysis of Potential Release Sites for Rehabilitated African Penguins Off the Coast of South Africa

Christopher Wisnik
Surviving Sepsis: Utilization of a Vulnerability Model to Identify Towns at Highest Risk of Poor Hospital Outcomes due to Severe Infection

Fall 2017 – CEE 187: Engineering Geographic Information Systems

Anne Bricker
The Great Shake:
Risk Assessment of Earthquake Hazard and Vulnerability in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mateo Galeano
The Great (Un)Equalizer: Disparities in the New York Public System

Jiaheng Hu
The Role of Country Parks in Air Quality: A Case Study in Hong Kong

Megan Kuhnle
Green Energy in the Green Mountain State: Possible Solar Energy Sites in Vermont

Sean Murphy
Atlantis, Georgia | Sea Level Rise and Population Displacement in Chatham County

Jacob Ruttenberg
Washington D.C.’s Natural and Built Environment

Xiaolei Chen
How infrastructure distribution influence the vehicle-pedestrian crashes?

Kristina Chu
The Aftershock of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake: Analyzing District Vulnerability After the Disaster

Richard Gilland
Chasing Tail: Fishing Ground Forecasting in the Atlantic Ocean

Fatemeh Kazemi
Older is Colder!
Critical Areas for Medicare Beneficiaries in Massachusetts

Jesse Litvin
Bike Lanes and Beyond:
Reimagining Bikeability in New York City

Adrian Portela
The Gradual Disappearance of an Affordable Life: A Risk Assessment on Gentrification in New York City

Elizabeth White
Risk Analysis and Model of Phosphorus Loading In The Mystic River Watershed

Hannah Zafar
No Calm Before the Storm: Identifying Damage Levels and relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Kelly Donahue
Boston Underwater: An Assessment of Boston’s Vulnerability to Flood Damage in a Hurricane

Ya Han
Silent Roar: Identifying Suitable Habitat for Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) in Tibet Plateau

Aleksandr Kirpach
Places to Stay Away From During the Next 50 Years: Earthquake Vulnerability Analysis in Washington State

Michelle Meyer
Examining San Francisco’s Public Transportation Accessibility and Needs

Lauren Quickel
Environmental Injustice: Traffic Related Air Pollution in Chelsea, Mass

Weiyang Xiao
Assessing Earthquake Risk and Vulnerability in Japan

Zexing Lin
Reverence to Nature: An Avalanche Risk Assessment in Valais, Switzerland

Fall 2017 – GIS 101/ENV 107/ Intr 81: Undergraduate Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Megan Bateman
Famine: Risk and Resilience Assessment in the Face of Conflict and Climate Change in Africa

Maya DeBellis
Shifts in Water Usage In the Colorado River Watershed

Morgan Griffiths
The Train Blame Game: Mapping Demographic Change, Gentrification, and Light Rail in West Denver

Zoe Miller
Accessibility to Health Services Standing Rock Reservation and Cheyenne River Reservation

Olivia Schultes
Borehole Functionality in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Alexander Todorov
Factors Affecting MBTA Commuter Rail Ridership Developing a Regression Model to Forecast Station Ridership

Uku-Kaspar Uustalu
The Demographics of Zipcar

Sammy Berman
Hazardous Waste and Cancer Mortality in the U.S. Exploring the Geospatial Relationship Between Cancer and Toxic Chemicals in the Environment

Siddharth Divakaruni
Local and National Perspectives: Mapping Deprivation, Demographics, and Opportunities in Belfast, NI (UK)

Kate Lamberti
Spreads Like Wildfire: A Fire Vulnerability Analysis and Comparison in California

Chris Mohr
Combatting Gerrymandering: The Effectiveness of Independent Committees in Redistricting

Henry Stevens
Preserving the Pecking Order: Reconstructing the range map and identifying suitable habitat for the extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker (Campephilus principalis)

Alexandra Cherry
Salaamaalekum or Buongiorno? Mapping Senegalese Foreign Residents in Italy

Averill Cheng
Urban Farming: Continuing to Rebuild New Orleans

Russell Gens
The Politics of Coal: Analyzing Changes in the Geography of Coal Production Across Presidencies in the United States

Michaela Mellen
Changing Neighborhoods: Mapping the Distribution of Urban Hardship in Boston, MA 1990 to 2016

Marianne Ray
Flights Overhead: Discovering Environmental Justice Communities Around Logan Airport

Gabriel Taylor
Spatial Mismatch: Commuting Patterns Along Economic Lines in Chicago

Jean-Charles Zurawicki
The 2016 Presidential Election Partisanship and Connectivity

Fall 2017 – GIS 102/ UEP 294/ Env 197: Advanced Geographical Information Systems

Mattison Barickman
Cut Off: An Earthquake Hazard Assessment Identifying suitable regions for hydrologic infrastructure in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties; CA, USA

Judy Fung
Greening Our Building Tops: A Suitability Analysis on Citywide Vegetated Green Roofs Implementation in Boston

Alyssa Kogan
Green Gentrification in Washington, D.C.: Does Distance to Parks Predict Gentrification ?

Jacob Marsh
Building a Solar State: Analyzing Trends in New York Photovoltaic Installations

Alexandra Raczka
Locating “Away”: Identifying Suitable Sites for an Anaerobic Digestion Facility on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Kristin Sukys
Back to the Roots
Remapping Poverty in Wisconsin

Tori Wong
Who’s Got Beef? Spatial and Temporal Vulnerabilities in the Regional Self-Reliance of Grazing Land in the Beef-Belt, USA

Alex Caskey
A Pilot Suitability Analysis to Identify Implementation Sites in the New York Champlain Valley Wildlife-Friendly Farming

Samuel Bollier
How Geography Affected Voting Behavior in the 2016 Presidential Election

Divya Gandhi
What factors influence trip duration of work trips and shopping trips in Boston?

Amanda Kohn
Investigating Boston’s Drinking Water Main Breaks

Tatiana Marzan
Contaminated Groundwater Flow from Pennsylvania to New York

Minyu Situ
Fine Particulate Matter(PM .5) and Coal Mining in China: Spatial Analysis and Space-Time Analysis in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Wencong Xu
Share Bicycle for the First and the Last Mile Issue in NYC

Marisa Zellmer
Understanding the Ebola Outbreak
Distribution and Predicting Factors of the 2013-2016 West Africa Outbreak

Emma Conroy
A Spatial Analysis of Student Migration, Tuition, and Enrollment Patterns at U.S. Flagship Universities

JuYing Hung
From Ownership to Shared Use: The Spatial Patterns of Zipcar in Boston Area

Jiao Liu
Analysis Urban Sprawl Pattern in Massachusetts

Emmy Moore
Optimal Sites for Agroforestry in Nigeria’s Cross River State

Yvonne Socolarc
Minding the Gap: Fertilizer Intensification as a Contributor to Yield Gaps

Valerie Willocq
A Tale of Two States: Demographic Risk Factors for Drinking Water Contaminations in the U.S.

Yi Zhong
Assessing the Association of Air Pollution and Social-economic Factors with Asthma in Massachusetts

Fall 2017 -UEP 232 – Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis

Christian Brandt
Determining Neighborhood Strength Using A Community Capacity Score

Katherine Florio
The Scoop on the Poop in Cambridge: Dogs and The Phosphorus They Contribute to Stormwater Runoff

Stephen Herling
Greening Lawrence: Finding Areas In Need of Green Space

Avalon Owens
Does light pollution impact the flash color or activity time of Photinus pyralis fireflies?

Makaylah Respicio
Living in La La Land: Two Jarring Experiences in Los Angeles County

Jonathan Keenan
Indonesia’s Energy Dilemma: Palm Oil vs Geothermal

Liza Burkin
Equitable Expansion: Hubway Station Siting for Somerville

Gabriela Garcia
Bean Maps: Spatial Analysis of Potential Coffee Yields in Santa Maria, Costa Rica

Bruce Johnson
The Rush to Renewables: A Solar and Wind Energy Suitability Analysis for Colorado

Amanda Paez
Drought in Somalia: Estimating Vulnerability to Food Insecurity

Tessa Salzman
Pesticide Incidents and Labor Violations: County-level analysis for California farmworkers

Michael Flanary
Cannabis in Colorado: A New Budding Industry

James Goodman
Arsenic Rising: How Landfills put Arsenic in the Groundwater

Paulina Muratore
Driving Transportation Emissions: A Spatial Analysis of On-Road CO2

Tetyana Pecherska
Closing the Elderly SNAP Gap in MA

Anna Sangree
MBTA Minority Bus Ridership: Does Census Data Predict Who Rides the Bus?

Fall 2017 – Nutr 231: Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications

Laura Barley
Closing the Dietary Guidelines Gap: Site Suitability for Expanded Lettuce Production in Monterey County

Adriel Hsu-Flanders
Wind Power: Turbine Site Assessment in Marblehead, MA

Hannah Kitchel
Rural Realities: Food Hub Site Suitability in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

Jessica Manly
Living on the Edge: Assessing the Risk of Forest Loss to Agriculture in Nigeria’s Cross River State

Madison Wierzel
Healthy Food Accessibility for Seniors: More than options at the grocery store

Nayla Bezares
In the Middle of (a Very Big) Ocean: Puerto Rico Prepares for Disaster Like There’s No One Out There

Sam Jones
Farm Hunting: Suitable Cropland and Orchard Parcels in Harvard, MA

Kelly Ann Kundratic
More Access for the Mountain State: Identifying Areas for New Grocery Retailers in North Central West Virginia

Kathleen Nay
Risk of Agricultural Land Loss to Solar Arrays: A Pilot Assessment in Four Massachusetts Towns

Emily Wright
Do Bristol County residents have adequate spatial accessibility to Opioid Treatment Centers?

Andrew Greenwell
Targeting Continuous Cropping GIS Approaches to Identifying Lack of Crop Rotation by Soil Productivity

Anmol Kamra
Is Bangladesh Ready? A Sub-District Resilience Analysis for Rohingya Refugees

Kimberly Lagasse
Getting In Gear: Exploring Potential Locations for New Hubway Terminals

Qian Penng
Location Modification of Acute Care Hospitals in Boston, MA

Yi Zhao
Take a Book, Return a Book: Geospatial Evaluation and Proposal of Little Free Library Locations in Boston, MA – A Residential Model

Spring 2018 Participants:

Spring 2018 – DHP P207 – GIS for International Applications

Pulkit Aggrwal
Infectious Diseases Vulnerability Assessment in Turkey, 2018

Andrea Becerra
When the Maipo Runs Dry

Swathi Cholapurath
Returning to Fragility: Assessing Resettlement Conditions for Afghan Returnees

Steven Goldbaum
Congolese Cobalt Conflict: Cobalt Mine Accessibility and Security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Andreas Hofleitner
Insider Threat Risk in Afghanistan: Spatial Analysis of Counterintelligence Force Distribution for an Enduring Troop Presence: 2013 – 2017

Katherine Quintero
Interrupting Modern Slavery: Identifying women’s vulnerability to human trafficking in Myanmar

Jessica Sashihara
Dispersion of the Japanese Population in the United States after Internment

Laura Smith
Assessing Risk and Vulnerability in Brazil

Roisin Maire Taylor
Attacks on Aid: Mapping Attacks, Blockades and Delays on Aid Convots and Facilities in Syria

Matthew Arnold
Plugging in Beyond the Grid in Tanzania: Gauging suitability for off-grid electrification

Callie Burke
Identifying Areas at Risk for Gang-Related Violence in Los Angeles County

Jacob Cohn
A Bitter Legacy: Agent Orange in 21st-Century Vietnam

Archibald Henry
Roadblocks: Markers of Control and Contestation in the Central African Republic

Elizabeth Minchew
Tremor Tactics: Earthquake Vulnerability in Papua New Guinea

Rashi Rathi
Districts Vulnerable to High Maternal Mortality Ratios in Uttar Pradesh, India

Anthony Schultz
Where on the U.S. Southern Border could Migrants More Easily Cross? The Path of Least Resistance Across the US – Mexico Border

Miran Song
HIV and Socioeconomic Vulnerability in Zimbabwe

Elizabeth Wojnar
Assessing the Risk of the Global Gag Rule for Women’s Health in Africa

Lucia Avila Bedregal
¿QUÉ PASA? | Vulnerability to natural disasters in Peru

Mariela Medina Castellanos
The Power of Water: Locating Potential Off-Grid Electricity Interventions to Alleviate Water Fetching Burdens

Claudia Cruz Leo
Priced Out: A Gentrification Index of Continental Portugal

Alicia Hernandez
Violence against Women: An Analysis of Femicides in Mexico

Matthew Palumbo
Cleared For Takeoff: Determining The Next Major Airport Hubs in Africa

Novie Sandhu
Socioeconomic Vulnerability in the United States

Marina Shalabi
Ethnic Cleansing? Assad’s Strategic Targets in Syria

Nelson Tamayo
Safeguarding Heritage: A Vulnerability Assessment of Continental Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Bin Feng Zheng
A Demonstration Well-being Index for the City of Los Angeles

Floor de Ruijter van Steveninck
Analyzing Risk Factors for Out-Migration in Venezuela

Spring 2018 – GIS 101/ Env 101/ Intr 81 – Intro to GIS (Undergrads)

Saja Alani
Save our Kids: Determining factors of school shootings in Texas (2013-2018)

Hanna Carr
Refugee Crisis: Predicting Future Climate Emigration from India

Derek Jian Yuan Goh
Financial Inclusion in India: Determinants and Policy Implications

Adrian Jacob
Does Uber Really Save Lives? An analysis of drunk driving fatalities before and after the implementation of Uber in the Twin Cities metro area.

Emma Kahn
Eviction Rates in Charleston, South Carolina by Block Group in 2009, 2013, and 2016

Jessica McIsaac
Environmental Justice and Climate Change in New Orleans

Joe Pajka
Risk of Aerial Importation and Outbreak of Disease X

Jun Hyuk Sung
Climate Risk Zones: Predicting Migration Outflows in Southeast Asia

Sagal Alisalad
Not All That Glitters is Gold: Linking Environmental

Tenzin Chokki
Tibetan Self-Immolations: Understanding “Why” This New Form of Political Protest Exists

Nicholas Golin
Crime in New York City and The Quality of Public Schools: Links Between Chronic Absenteeism, Crime, and the Support a School Provides For Its Students

Andrew Jefferies
Boston’s Vanishing Gay Bars: Gentrification and Loss of Queer Space

Sophie Lattes
Winter Hiking Safety: New Hampshire White Mountains

Christopher Meyerhoff
Agricultural Sustainability in the US: Creating and Applying an Agricultural Sustainability Index to Four US States

Claire Pinkham
Pesticide Drift in California’s Yolo County

Josie Watson
Free Range Soil Salvaging: The Impact of Integrated Livestock Management on Soil Quality

Diane Arnos
Unmet need for Opioid Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Cameron Eck
Down Tobacco Road: Assessing Hospital Access After Rural Hospital Closures in NC

Roger Hoooker
Agriculture in Syria’s Civil War

Juliet Johnson
Identifying Suitable Diarrheal Disease Intervention Districts in Ghana: Are WASH Variables True Indicators of Disease Outcomes?

Madeline Lee
SVALBARD GLOBAL SEED VAULT: Banking on Agrobiodiversity & Food Security

Arielle Mion
A Shortage of Males: Changing Sex Ratio of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta): Rising Temperatures Producing more Female Hatchlings

Jack Ronan
Le Grand Paris Express and Access to the Metro in Paris’ Underserved Banlieues

Spring 2018 – UEP 232 – Intro to GIS for Urban Analysis

Meghan Casey
Planning for Plans? How Comprehensive Planning Impacts Boston Area Municipalities

Laura Flagg
Capital Projects Effect on Surrounding Neighborhoods

Sean Hogan
Put Your Thinking Clusters On: Identifying Regional Opportunities for Innovation Investment

Lily Ko
Changes in MBTA Bus Ridership

Minnie McMahon
A GIS Exploration of Massachusetts’ Community Preservation Act

Ivy Mlsna
Integrated Valuation of Socio-Environmental and Resiliency metrics for conservation in a changing climate: A “climate-smart” model for the optimization of tidal salt marsh conservation

Robert Sucsy
Modelling the Association Between Air Pollution Sources & Health Outcomes on the County Level

Allison Curtis
Feeling Vulnerable? An Analysis of Vulnerability Indices in Massachusetts

Eliana Golding
Surviving the Development Boom: A Suitability and Vulnerability Analysis of Boston’s Neighborhoods

Emma Homstad
Bike Share in Minneapolis

Stefan Koester
High Ground, Hot Property: Mapping ‘Climate Gentrification’ in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Carolyn Meklenburg
Putting the Environment Back in Environmental Justice Maps: Comparing Social Vulnerability with Walking Distance to Environmental Harms & Benefits in Massachusetts

Ariel Patterson
Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Norfolk, VA

Hur Zannat
Lead Exposure: High Risk Exposure Areas in Boston

Ian Davis
Visualizing Construction and Investment in Cambridge: Building Permit Data for Family, Multi-Residential, and Commercial Properties

Albert Good
A (disgustingly) Rough Estimate To Tax Revenue Lost From Sea Level Rise

Emily Klotz
Shrinking Sinks: Searching for Forests in the Boston Metropolitan Area

Alexandra LaRosa
Shootings and Homicides in Rochester, NY: Exploring Spatial Patterns (2000-2017)

Julia Miller
Pick your Poison! A Comparison of Water Data from CalEnviroScreen 3.0 and UC Davis

Bingqin Shan
Where Are The Target Areas For Installing Green Roofs in the City of Boston?

Spring 2018 – GIS 102/UEP 294/Env 197 – Advanced GIS

Jamie Fanous
Soil Health, Conservation, and U.S. Agriculture Policy: Identifying soil quality and conservation agriculture adoption in New York

Hiromi Hashimoto
Should you Dig It? Threats of Uranium Mining on the Navajo Nation’s Water Resources

Michael LaScaleia
Going Gray: Following Gray Wolves through a Reintroduction Scenario in New York and New England.

Ashley McCarthy
Opportunities to Expand Apple and Pear Production in the United States

Olivia Schultes
Water User Payment Characteristics in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Nathan Foster
Characterizing Massachusetts Legislative District Compactness

Bruce Johnson
Renewable Energy In California: Solar and Wind Suitability Versus Reality

Jennifer LaFleur
Disability & Discipline: Health Resources and School Suspension Prevalence

Julie Powers
Climate Change & Environmental Health: Examining the influence of climate variability on pathways of diarrheal disease transmission

Alex Todorov
A New Alignment for the Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor North of New York City

Morgan Griffiths
A Place to Farm: Locating Medford’s Next Community Garden

Anmol Kamra
Aon the move! Assessing the drivers and patterns of a decade of forced displacement in Africa

Mathew Lee
All of the Lights: Subnational Economic Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Makaylah Respicio
One Step Closer: Envisioning Broader Mental Health Care at Tufts University

Jean-Charles Zurawicki
Chemical Warfare in the Syrian Civil War: A Geospatial and Space Time Analysis of Chemical Weapons Use

Spring 2018 – CEE 194 – Remote Sensing

Gaia Bonini
Water Hyacinth, A Growing Problem: A Remote Sensing Analysis of Water Hyacinth Growth Across Kenya’s Winam Gulf in Lake Victoria

Ruby Hung
Be Flood Ready: Remote Sensing in Flood Monitoring

Jiao Liu
Analysis the Impacts of Mississippi River: Flooding in 2010

Sofany Montoya
The New Manú:A Glimpse of Deforestation Along the Edge of Manu National Park

Ya Han
Deterioration of Survival Situation of world’s largest living Structure — The Great Barrier Reef

Kai Ying Lau
Expanding the Little Red Dot: Urbanization of Singapore 1989 – 2002

Meghan MacGregor
Otter Zone | San Nicolas Island, CA: A Remote Sensing Analysis of Kelp Forest Density & Distribution during the California Sea Otter Translocation Program

Julie Powers
Day Zero: Investigating the Loss in Cape Town’s Largest Dam

Jiaheng Hu
Forestation Change Detection in Los Angeles Wildfires

Zexing Lin
Reforistation in Madagascar

Emrat Nur Marzan
Impact of Three Gorges Dam on the Upstream of Yangtze River and its Tributaries

Yi Zhong
Change Detection of Vegetation and Glacier in Puncak Jaya from 1994 to 2015

Spring 2018 – EOS-0104 – Geo Applications Of GIS

John Baer
NDVI Exploration for Lead-Zinc Deposits in Southern Missouri

Jake Geppert
Renewable Wind Energy in Vermont: A Site Suitability Analysis

Grace Kim
Where Could They Bee? Estimating Suitable Habitats for the Hawaiian Yellow-Faced Bee

Sarah Burton
Whales Curtailed: An Analysis of Cetacean Stranding in Washington and Oregon

Cameron Harris
Prioritizing Pennsylvania Dams for Potential Removal

Aleksandr Kirpach
Mt. St. Helens Potential Eruption Hazard Analysis

Caroline Passalacqua
Boat Run: The Impact of Land Use Change on Water Quality in the Lower Delaware River

James Finnegan
Avalanche Risk in Rocky Mountain National Park

Justin Hudson
How to Make the Most out of your First Trip to Mars

Annie Nguyen
Blinking Out: Establishing Firefly Habitat Suitability and Identifying Potential Wildlife Corridors in Northern Boston Metro Areas

April Weintraub
Spread of Radioactive Surface Water After Nuclear Disaster Turkey Point Nuclear Generation Station, Homestead FL

Spring 2018 – Nutr 231 – Fundamentals of GIS for Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Applications

Farah Ahmad
Life is a Garden, Dig it! A Replicable Suitability Score Model of Existing Community Gardens in the City of Cambridge, MA

Alexandra Cross
Food Environment in the Lost Province: Evaluating Mobile Market Locations in Watauga County, NC

Bridget Gayer
Up in Smoke: Measuring the effect of a ban on tobacco advertising near parks and schools in Chicago, IL using GIS procedures

Nako Kobayashi
Hungry for Nutrition: Using GIS tools to locate schools that could benefit from nutrition interventions

Ryan Simpson
Gauging the Health Risks Associated with Fast Food: A Method for Evaluating Fast Food Retailers in Milwaukee County, WI

Hattie Brown
A Grocery Store for the Big Apple

Danielle DiCenzo
Where is the Grass Greener? A pilot to model regulations and equity related to retail cannabis in Massachusetts

Kelsey Hancock
Picking Produce: Assessing the Locations for a new Farmers Market in Cambridge

Michelle Lee Bravatti
Proposed Supermarket Locations: Comparing and Contrasting Locations to Serve a Higher Number of Low Income Households

Daniele Todorov
Leaded Louie: Modeling the Risk of Lead Paint Hazards in St. Louis City

Siyu Chen
Freshness on A Truck: Evaluating Locations of A Mobile Farmers Market

Jacqueline Forster
Increasing Food Access in Bal timore, MD: Location Assessment for a New Supermarket

Suzanne Kline
In Search of Food Access: Finding Space for a Supermarket in Everett Massachusetts

Mengyuan Runa
Locate a New Fire Station in Revere, Massachusetts

Hannah Tremblay
Future farmlands: Identifying suitable land for agriculture in Vermont State

Taylor Vail
Rehousing Refugees: Evaluating walkability to key amenities to determine the ideal location of a new affordable housing unit in the Greater Boston Area

Spring 2018 – PH 0262 – GIS for Public Health

Flora Berklein
Characteristics of WIC-eligible nonparticipants: A geospatial exploration of Massachusetts 2017 births

Jonathon Gass
Lyme Disease in Massachusetts, 2000-2015: Case density dynamics, land use, and land cover

Jennifer Pustz
Travel Times to the Hub: Mapping Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Chittenden County, Vermont

Faith Biegon
Where are the Syrian Refurees in Turkey?

Ebuwa Igho-Osagie
Geospatial Mapping of Resources for refugee integration in Concord New Hampshire

Madison Wierzel
Reported Overdoses 2012-2017 in Tapestry Health’s Narcan Enrollment Program

Rachel Clark
Opioid Use in Total Hip Arthroplasty and Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients in the United States: 2009-2012

Whitney Lee
Healthcare Transportation Access On Martha’s Vineyard: Traveling Towards Healthcare