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Month: August 2015

A new video from Harvard Business Review takes an in-depth look at some findings of the Digital Evolution Index (DEI) from our Planet eBiz team. Check it out below!

DEI - HBR Video

Watch Planet eBiz’s research animated by the Harvard Business Review

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For more, read the February 2015 HBR piece on the DEI from Bhaskar Chakravorti, Rusty Tunnard and Ravi Chankar Chaturvedi

Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion: Celebrating Our First Four Years

FLPFI-Retrospective_BUTTONLearn more about our history, alumni, and pedagogical approach in this new publication from The Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion. We showcase our unique curriculum and highlight the achievements of our growing community of alumni.

Read the Retrospective

Interested in joining the program as a fellow next year, or know anyone who is? Learn more about scholarships and admissions requirements on the FLPFI Admissions Homepage.

“Norway’s ‘oil fund’: Is it making businesses behave better?” by Cristina Maza

“Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is among the largest, and some would argue it is the largest. But more importantly [it is] also viewed really positively for its leadership,” says Patrick Schena, assistant Professor of International Business Relations at the Fletcher School at Tufts University and co-head of SovereigNet, the Fletcher Network for Sovereign Wealth and Global Capital. “So not only governments, but other pension funds and other asset owners and large investors, will look to Norway and engage with what Norway is doing. When it comes to other investors, it’s influential given its size.”

Read the full article featuring Prof. Schena in the Christian Science Monitor

The Institute for Business in the Global Context at the Fletcher School enables students to gain real world experience on projects around the world.

Fletcher Features Disrupt Yourself: Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi (MIB ’12) Discovers an Entirely New Dimension to the World of International Business at Fletcher

In 2006, Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi was working for American Express, based in Bahrain, with portfolio oversight of countries spanning the African Maghreb, the Nile Valley, Levant, and the Persian Gulf. That summer, cross-border skirmishes between Israel and the Lebanon-based non-state group Hezbollah erupted into full-scale war.

Chaturvedi, who had earned an MBA in finance and strategy five years earlier, suddenly found himself in a team trying to “ring-fence” the portfolio, to estimate business losses that could result from the war, and to explore ways to mitigate the company’s exposure—all while ensuring continuity in service for customers living in areas impacted by the war.

Unexpectedly, as they discovered, customers were more—not less—diligent about their credit lines, paying back their loans more punctually than in times of relative peace.

“Ultimately, we rose to the occasion—as my business experiences and education had trained me to do,” says Chaturvedi. “But we were reactive. A Fletcher graduate in my position would have been proactive and prepared—anticipating the potential for imminent war and putting together a contingency strategy well ahead of the event.”

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Research Fellow for Innovation and Change with our very own Planet eBiz, Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi (MIB ’12), joins Fletcher School Dean James Stavridis to discuss his experience as a co-author of the Digital Planet Report and associated Digital Evolution Index (DEI). This study, co-authored together with Senior Associate Dean of International Business and Finance Bhaskar Chakravorti and Professor of Practice of International Business Christopher Tunnard, takes a comprehensive look at digital growth around the world and ranks 50 countries in terms of their “readiness” for the digital economy.

“Digital Fairness vs. Facebook’s Dream of World Domination” by Bhaskar Chakravorti and Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi

We believe there’s an even more fundamental issue at play here: What does a digitally “fair” world entail? Is it better for a society to be more digitally inclusive, even with the help of corporations (while also pursuing their business interests), or should a guarantee of absolute principles of net neutrality come first – regardless of whether it deters such private initiative?

Read the full op-ed from in Harvard Business Review

“If the ‘Rising Africa’ hype has you eyeing investments in Africa, read this first” by Bhaskar Chakravorti

In June, global food giant Nestle was forced to downsize its operations in Africa, after having gone too big too fast because its managers had cast Africa as “the next Asia.” Belatedly, those same managers eventually realized that the two continents are, well, continents apart, and that Africa could not sustain the same growth they had seen elsewhere.

It’s an important lesson—for investors, for intellectuals, and even for politicians.

Read the full op-ed from Dean Chakravorti in Quartz