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Month: December 2016

India’s Botched War on Cash

[In the wake of demonetization], retail and wholesale markets have stalled around the country. Supply chain transactions, real estate deals, and even weddings and funerals have been frozen. Consumers are coping with lines that are frustrating even for Indians used to standing in lines or waiting for basic services. People up and down the income spectrum are dealing with changing cash withdrawal policies and empty ATMs. The nation’s status as the world’s fastest-growing big economy has been severely imperiled and its currency risks being further devalued, a situation made worse by prospects of a strengthening dollar after the U.S. election.

Sounds bad, right? But there is a question that hasn’t been asked: Is there a digital upside to this crisis?

Read the full piece from Dean Chakravorti in the Harvard Business Review

“Our Digital Planet: Technology’s Global Impact on Lives and Livelihoods”

Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti spoke on the Digital Planet as part of Tufts University’s “Tufts Talks NYC” in December 2016.

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Demonetiser’s dilemma: Switch to digital in a digitally under-evolved country such as India will be a journey of small increments

Disruption is fashionable in digital circles, but usually the target of disruptive moves is a lazy incumbent. Disrupting the consumer is generally not cool. The demonetisation disruption — and the PM’s nudge towards cashlessness — provides an opportunity to ask fundamental questions.

Read the full piece from Dean Chakravorti in The Indian Express