Our mission is to help policymakers and practitioners develop more equitable and sustainable responses to migration and its root causes by employing a human security approach.  

We do this by:  

  • Connecting and creating synergies between experts on migration and experts on drivers of displacement such as conflict, violence, social exclusion, governance failures, and climate change;
  • Training current and future policymakers and practitioners to bring human security expertise and adaptive leadership skills to government, international organizations, humanitarian assistance, and civic advocacy;
  • Partnering with local NGOs and government agencies to build local capacity and produce applied research that uses innovative methodologies informed by the human security approach.  

Our impact can be seen in the placement of our graduates in positions of influence, the uptake of our research findings and policy advice in our focus areas, and our growing global network of human security professionals and organizations.


The Leir Institute relies on partnerships with other Fletcher and Tufts University institutions, including the The World Peace FoundationThe Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, the Institute for Business in the Global Context, the Feinstein International Center at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and The Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies as well as with academic and policy institutions worldwide.

The Leir Institute also proudly supports PRAXIS, The Fletcher Journal of Human Security – a student-run journal that explores topics that cut across the fields of humanitarianism, development, human rights, and conflict resolution.