Migration – Relevant Fletcher Courses

For a full list of Fletcher courses, past and present, see here.

Note that the “Human Security and Humanitarian Affairs” field of study offers an optional track in “Migration.” MALD and MGA candidates may pursue this optional track. Courses that satisfy this track are identified below with an asterisk.

Diplomacy, History and Politics

DHP P208M: Topics in International Relations and Security Policy

* DHP D232: Gender, Culture and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

DHP D233: Migration and Human Rights: Movement, Community, and Mobilization

DHP D236: Migration and Governance in the Global South

* DHP D238: Current Issues in Global Immigration Policy

* DHP D239: Forced Migration

DHP D240: Children, Violence, Protection, and Resilience

* DHP D241: Climate and Migration

* DHP P290: Migration and Transnationalism in Latin America

DHP P295: Introduction to Human Security

International Law and Organizations

ILO L210: International Human Rights Law

ILO L211: Current Issues in Human Rights

ILO L216: International Humanitarian Law

* ILO L217: International Law and Migration

Economics and International Business

EIB B244M: The Informal Economy and Financial Inclusion