External Engagement

The Henry J. Leir Institute places an emphasis on the integration of academic analysis and practice, with a focus on real-world problem solving.  To encourage better academic-policy exchanges, we host policy fellows in residence at Fletcher, consult policymakers and practitioners on research design and implementation, and sponsor guest speakers, policy forums, and workshops that encourage scholars and practitioners to work together.

Recently, the Leir Institute was awarded two $1.0M grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York on bridging the academic-policy gap.  From 2014-2016, the research team examined the role of legitimacy in the governance of conflict-affected or fragile states.  For more information on the project and its research findings, visit our research page on Building State Legitimacy.  For the current grant, the research team is investigating a new dimension of legitimacy and governance – that of migration policy. Over the next two years, the research team will investigate this policy-relevant question and continue to experiment with proven and innovative strategies for framing and communicating this research to policy actors.  For more information on this project, visit our research page on Migration Crisis and State Fragility.

Explore our research programs to learn more about our engagement with diverse policy audiences.

In addition to our research programs, we have hosted twice a Fletcher Ideas Exchange, an annual forum for public speaking at Fletcher.  Modeled as a TED-type event, talks addressed strategies for successfully bridging the academic-policy gap – how to better understand the challenges and how actors on both sides of the divide can overcome them.  Talks featured best practices of academy to effectively communicate research and use innovative dissemination strategies.

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