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Check out our Tutorial Matrix – This helpful guide reviews which tools are covered in our ArcGIS tutorials.

Tufts Tip Sheets Tips from other sites
Working in the Lab ArcGIS 10.2 10.2.1, and 10.2.2 HelpArcGIS 10.3 Help
Learning GIS Basics Local data from Somerville and Massachusetts:

ESRI’s Online Tutorials for ArcGIS 10.2, 10.2.1, and 10.2.2 Useful for getting instruction for different ArcGIS extensions and tasks.
International Data:

  • ArcGIS Basics: India Tutorial (3 hrs)
    • This is an excellent overview for a novice user of the basics in ArcMap using international data.
    • Tufts students can get the tutorial data from the GIS Lab S:\Tutorials\Tufts\Tutorial Data\ArcGIS_Basics_International_Version
  • ArcGIS Basics: Examining the link between Human Epidemic Status & Cases of Yaws in Primates | Africa 2013 (1.5 Hours)
    • This tutorial will lead you through the steps in ArcMap to create a map of known non-human primate cases of Yaws and the human epidemic status of Yaws throughout Africa. Additionally, you will then create a map of non-human primate cases overlaid on top of primate habitat extents to see if you are able to make any observations.
    • This tutorial will cover adding data to ArcMap, symbologizing categorical and quantitative data, select by attribute query tools, and composing a final map in layout view.
    • The data is available here: YawsTutorialData.zip.
  • Basic Mapping Exercise – Haiti Livelihood Zones (1.5 hours)
    • This tutorial focuses on Select By Attributes and labeling features.
    • Tufts students can access the data from the GIS Lab in GIS Lab S:\Tutorials\Tufts\Tutorial Data\Basic Mapping_Livelihood Zones in Haiti
    • Data can also be downloaded here: Basic Mapping-Haiti Livelihood Zones-Data
  • Basic Queries Exercise – Haiti (1.5 Hours)
    • This tutorial focuses on different selection methods, attribute table tools, spatial joins, and zonal statistics.
    • Tufts students can access the data in the GIS Lab from GIS Lab S:\Tutorials\Tufts\Tutorial Data\Basic Query Practice Data – Haiti
    • Data can also be downloaded here: Basic Query Practice Data
US National Data:

US Water / Hydrography Data:

Census Data:

Other census-mapping tools:

Mapping and Presentation
Add XY Data
Finding & Working with GIS Data
Managing & Troubleshooting Data:

Working with Tables:

Map Projections
  • How to define a map projection.
  • Troubleshooting Coordinate Systems. Data available Here
    • This tutorial walks you though understanding your data layers and data frames spatial reference and selecting an appropriate projection for your data. It also identifies how to use the Define Projection tool if you have missing or incorrect spatial references and it explains how to use the Project tool to project your data into a different projection.
Spatial Analysis Tools Basic query tools:

Advanced tools:

Working with Specific Datasets Elevation Data:

Hydrologic Data:

Open Street Map (OSM) Data:

Soils Data:

Comprehensive ArcGIS Guides
  • ArcGIS 10.1 Help – the online Help for ArcGIS – somewhat superior to the version that comes with the software as it is updated as needed and it highlights some of the most frequently needed tasks
  • ArcGIS 10.1 Tutorials – useful for understanding different functions and processes
  • ESRI Support Center – for the experienced ArcGIS user, this is THE place to find answers to your questions – type in a question or search terms, and the site searches ESRI user forums, Help pages, technical papers, and user-written scripts for ArcGIS (to track responses, create an ESRI Global Account – it’s free)
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design – GIS Manual – excellent guide to various GIS topics and problems.