3 Tech Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

Fringe players take on Big Tech, governments start regulating, and AI could finally prove its worth.

Fletcher’s Dean of Global Business Bhaskar Chakravorti recently had an article published on Foreign Policy’s website discussing the three major tech trends to watch this year.

The first trend, Chakravorti says, is that new, smaller players will take on Big Tech. TikTok, Arweave, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) offered through OpenSea are some of the small(ish) tech companies Chakravorti says to watch in 2022.

The second trend noted in the article is the government’s take on Big Tech. Congress has more than a dozen bills to work on to reign in the industry—while lawyers and lobbyists prepare to fight the bills. Big Tech also faces challenges in Europe, India, and China this year.

Lastly, Chakravosrti discusses artificial intelligence (AI) and the priority many top executives are placing on it during 2022. Both the good and the bad sides of AI are mentioned −as AI did not help manage patient loads during the pandemic as hoped but AI does have life-saving potential.