Bhaskar Chakravorti in The Guardian – “Business collaboration on water could have massive multiplier effect”

Business collaboration on water could have massive multiplier effect

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) attempt a “platform” solution to bring together multiple stakeholders to improve the condition of people and the planet. But these SDGs are a handful. With business as a key stakeholder, we must remember that managers can generally attend to only a few things. With 17 goals and 169 targets, the SDGs are far from being manager-friendly. For most executives we spoke with as part of our Inclusion Inc. research initiative, while the holistic objectives seemed worthwhile, the SDGs were deemed to be a bit too much to be helpful for managers with limited time. The SDGs needed a “killer app” – a goal widely shared across industries to engage companies, mobilise action and win over more adherents to the platform.

Read the full op-ed from Dean Chakravorti in The Guardian

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