Bhaskar Chakravorti in The Indian Express – “Trumping Across the World”

Trumping Across the World
Donald Trump is not a uniquely American phenomenon. America is only catching up.

Of course, there can be no comparison. One is a teaseller’s son, the other, heir to a multi-million dollar real-estate fortune. One is a career politician, the other, a bull repeatedly charging the political china shop. One who campaigned with different headgear, from Rajasthani turbans to tribal dumluks, impeccably synchronized to appease different target constituencies, the other, favouring the same immovable bird’s nest of hair as the sole ornamentation for his head, regardless of the customer.

With all that being said, America’s unexpected surge in favour of Donald Trump, who has just won the crucial New York primary, reflects a universal yearning: The ordinary man — and woman — wanting to be led by someone extraordinary, by a leader omnipotent and muscular, who does not dither with endless policy deliberation and consensus-building.

Read the full op-ed from Dean Chakravorti in The Indian Express

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