Welcome Back to Campus, CEME Senior Fellows!

We’d like to welcome our distinguished Senior Fellows from the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) back to the Fletcher School. Our fellows are world-renowned experts in their fields and a vital part of all the work we do here at IBGC, wearing many hats alongside us, from advisors to project directors and much more. They are on campus today for the groups biannual meeting to bring together all their work and find new ways of looking at the ecosystem and interplay of the global economy.

These senior fellows are regional and thematic thought leaders on a range of globally impactful issues — international finance and global capital flows, financial inclusion, Indian consumerism, innovation and entrepreneurship, urbanization, managing in complex environments, among others. CEME Fellows contribute to and lead research initiatives at the Institute, working with students to bring the latest in contextual thinking to the challenges and opportunities of operating in emerging markets.

Learn more about these prestigious fellows and all the exciting work they do

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