What Is Entrepreneurship? Fletcher Entrepreneur in Residence, Rockford Weitz, Has the Answer

With the 3rd Annual Fletcher D-Prize Poverty Solutions Venture Competition launching on September 28th, the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Fletcher is on full display. With so many great opportunities available, we first have to answer one question: What exactly do we mean when we say entrepreneurship?

Luckily, The Fletcher School’s Entrepreneurship Coach (and Entrepreneur in Residence), Rockford Weitz, has the answer.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Good question.  Entrepreneurship means different things to different people.  I define entrepreneurship as “problem solving with limited resources and an unclear path forward.”  By my definition, most of you will likely be entrepreneurs at some point during your career.

The entrepreneurial approach works well in many Fletcher career trajectories, including social entrepreneurship, tech-driven entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (using entrepreneurship techniques to succeed as a change agent in large organizations in the private, public, non-profit, intergovernmental and academic sectors).

Fletcher students and alumni have launched and scaled numerous enterprises, including non-profits, technology startups and new offices within larger organizations, such as the United Nations or the U.S. State Department.

Entrepreneur Coaching

As Entrepreneur Coach, I help Fletcher students, faculty, staff and alumni:

  1. Think through business, social and policy ideas where entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship could be part of the solution.
  1. Create business plans, go-to-market strategies and presentations to potential customers and investors.
  1. Connect with potential customers, potential investors and service providers that could help aspiring Fletcher entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable enterprises.

More information available at https://sites.tufts.edu/ibgc/students/entrepreneurship/

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