The Corruption in Fragile States Series

This series provides a space for conversation about corruption in fragile states. Since its inception in 2016 as part of the CDA Perspectives Blog, the series has sought to challenge status quo thinking with a particular emphasis on exploring systems-based approaches to understanding and acting on corruption dynamics. Topics in the series range from new research findings in Uganda, Iraq or the DRC to provocative thought pieces intended to contest dominant paradigms or practices.

Now hosted by the Henry J. Leir Institute for Human Security, our contributions are inspired by, but not limited to, the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy project as well as the, now concluded, Central Africa Accountable Service Delivery Initiative. We are privileged to also have posts from a number of prominent thinkers, policy makers and practitioners as guest bloggers.  The following list sorts posts by theme for ease of access. Subscribe to receive updates.

As we continue to examine our own thinking, we welcome reflections and questions and encourage you to comment on the posts. If you are interested in submitting a guest post please contact the Series Editor: Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church (

Arguments for systems thinking

Integration of (Anti-)Corruption

Challenging the status quo

Social norms & corruption

Analysis & programming (“Kuleta Haki”) against corruption in DRC

Corruption in the criminal justice system in the Central African Republic

The gender lens

Systemic corruption in the police and courts in Northern Uganda

Funding the ‘fight against corruption’

What can we learn about corruption in fragile states?