Book Series Launch on Drones for Good

Werobotics and Flying Labs have just launched a new picture book series for children on local expertise and drones for good. Patrick Meier, a member of this team, received the Henry J. Leir Award for Human Security in 2020.

Book Trailer:

Kickstarter Page: 

Key Points:

  • This is the first series of picture books on real-world drones-for-good projects that are actually written by and with local drone experts in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond who led these projects first-hand.
  • It explains the vital importance of protecting, restoring and expanding mangroves, and how this can be scaled up. 
  • All books emphasize the vital importance of inclusion, diversity, local expertise, local leadership and lived experience across all storylines.
  • The books feature a strong cast of female characters with the leading roles primarily led by girls and women.
  • The books introduce important concepts on drone safety, drone mapping, drone delivery and more using engaging illustrations while also making it very clear that technology is only part of the solution.
  • This is also the first series on drones-for-good that is edited and illustrated by and with talented professionals from the regions in which the books and projects are based.
  • The first three books in the series are driven by a very cross-disciplinary, multilingual and multicultural team including talented experts from Panama, Mexico, Senegal, Malawi, Nepal, India, Fiji, Kenya, Switzerland and England. 

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