3 Things Peacebuilders Should Read About Anti-corruption and Conflict

In this post, Rosemary Ventura introduces three essential articles on anti-corruption in conflict contexts. These articles will be particularly thought-provoking for peacebuilders grappling with why and how to address corruption.

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Pilfering the Peace: the nexus between corruption and peacebuilding

Pilfering the Peace explores the issues at the nexus of corruption, conflict, and peacebuilding in a short and accessible manner. Written over a decade ago, this volume of the Life & Peace Institute journal series – New Routes – pulls together insightful analysis grounded in examples from Burundi, Liberia, the Caucasus, Lebanon, Colombia, and the DRC, among others. While not a product of the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program, it was edited by our co-director Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church.

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Corruption That Kills: How Corruption is Undermining Peace and Democracy in Mexico

By Talia Hagerty and Carlos Juárez

Mexico is about to face the biggest test to peace and democracy it has seen in decades – and endemic corruption is only making it harder.

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