Europe’s Humanitarian Face: Empowering and Protecting Through Education

The European Union is the largest humanitarian aid donor worldwide. Christos Stylianides, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, will speak about the major responsibilities and challenges facing his work. Commissioner Stylianides will present the main priorities of European humanitarian aid with a special focus on “Education in Emergencies.” He will outline the parameters of the EU’s approach to education in conflict zones and will explain why education can be a driver for reconciliation, integration and social cohesion. Finally, Christos Stylianides will speak about the importance of the transatlantic relation and cooperation.

Christos Stylianides

Christos Stylianides is the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management since November 1st, 2014.  On October 24th, 2014 he was appointed by the European Council EU Ebola Coordinator. 

He was elected Member of the European Parliament in the May 2014 European elections where he served until October 31st 2014. He was twice appointed Government Spokesperson of the Republic of Cyprus (in 2013-2014 and in 1998-1999).  He was responsible for the formulation and coordination of the Government’s communication strategy and was the head of the Government’s Press and Information Office.

During the period 2006-2013 he served as a Member of the Cyprus House of Representatives (elected in 2006 and 2011).  During his tenure he served as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Foreign and European Affairs (2011-2013) and member of the Committee on European Affairs, the Committee of Internal Affairs and the Committee of Employment and Social Affairs (2006-2011).  Between 2006 to 2011 he was a member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and he was elected Member of its Bureau in 2012.


Monday, October 29, 2018
5:30 pm
Cabot 7th floor

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